march free wallpaper: what is your intention?

March Free Wallpaper: Click here to download the full-size version of the wallpaper above.

Happy March! I am beyond happy to see this “warm,” sunny weather here in Chicago today. It definitely sets a great tone for the month to come.

I’ve decided to design this month’s wallpaper with a quote from a recent post. I like this statement because it can apply to all kinds of things in our lives. When I look at it this month I’ll be thinking about eating more fresh foods, running outside more often, launching a new product line, and about adding more PT in my life.

What are your intentions for March?

[Click here for the full-size version of the wallpaper.]

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  1. Betsy

    downloaded and loaded as my background. I read MML and although I feel like it is a slow process, I feel like I’m getting closer to “my purpose” everyday!

  2. thank you for reminding me that it is only me that is responsible for how i feel and what i do… no one else…

  3. Lisa

    I keep a photo reminding me of one of my major long-term goals as my desktop, so I wrote this on a piece of paper and added it to my inspiration board instead.

    One of my main intentions for March is, thanks to you, adding more PT to my life as well. I spent most of February working through my PT, and it’s been catching up on me. I have even more work coming up this month, but this month I’m making an effort to find more balance and putting things like reading, knitting, and painting my nails higher up on my to-do list.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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