TLS #201: Your Questions Answered – Avoiding Emotions, Midday Alignment, Iced Tea & Silent Intuition

Today on the Lively Show, we are diving into a wide range of questions you have asked for the March Q+A!

This episode is filled with many subjects including… how to get back into alignment midday, how to help negative people, what inspired me to first write to my intuition, and feeling great while also processing negative emotions.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear my personal thoughts (in pencil) about aspects of life, alignment, travel, and more.





  • What’re some tips you have for traveling solo?

  • Do you ever feel like you’re getting complete silence when you write a question to your intuition? Even if you rephrase the question in a few ways? What does that mean to you when you hear/feel nothing coming?

  • What are you tips for job search?

  • How do you make your iced tea? Do you put anything in there other than the ice cubes?

  • What is your best advice for expanding my reach in terms of content? What is the most appropriate way to network and ask if I can guest post for someone else’s blog or get in their podcast

  • Have you ever read Jill Bolte Taylor? (On consciousness & R|L brain).

  • Do you have any suggestions for using alignment before action rather than using it as an excuse?

  • Have you heard of energy psychology?

  • What are some of the skin care products you use regularly and why you use them?

  • What’s your perspective on the 10,000 hour theory (Malcom Gladwell covers it in Outliers and says it’s about the time we reach mastery)? Wondering how you think it fits with concepts of flow vs efforting.

  • Would you define yourself as a minimalist? From the dramatic declutter and pairing things down of what is practical and you love, how has this impacted your buying, finances, values and future decisions of what you surround yourself with?

  • How do you use flow for your exercise regime? Is it ok to have to effort initiating a workout?

  • Do you do other types of journaling (other than Writing to Your Intuition) to record your Lively adventure and what is going on in your life?

  • Are you taking interns for your podcast ?

  • What the best “quick start” steps would be to start raising your vibrational flow and really living intentionally without procrastinating?

  • Would you say that you have followed your intuition every step of the way during your nomadic journey? Are there times when you didn’t and if so, what did you experience that was different? Is it possible to follow our intuition in every moment while having this human experience?

  • How did you go about creating diverse content, without it feeling forced or losing its authenticity?

  • How do you help someone, family member or good friend, who’s in a negative pattern or downward spiral but doesn’t seem to want help?

  • What are some of the ways you combat loneliness on the road?

  • What tips do you have for finding alignment again when you’re feeling stressed?

  • Is your full name Jess or Jessica? What is your middle name? Do your parents and siblings listen to your podcasts and follow you on social media?

  • How do you know it’s your intuition speaking rather than a story you’re telling yourself?

  • Have you read ‘The desire map’ (Danielle La Porte) and if so have you established your core desires?

  • Do you ever listen to music to get into alignment? What are your go to’s?

  • How did you figure that you are sensitive to eggs?

  • Do you have any tips for reframing things that you want so you aren’t thirsty for them?

  • Do you use a daily workshop for affirmations and visualization (or the segmenting) technique on a daily basis? If so, how does it fit into your daily routine?

  • Did you ever get your hormone levels tested? And have you ever tried a naturopath? Also, have you tried birth control or anything again once you felt like your hormones were balanced? Would you continue your supplements?

  • How do I realign mid day when I am unable to sneak away for alone time?

  • How did you decide to write to your intuition the very first time? Was it something you read or heard about prior to trying it out or did your intuition lead you to start writing to it?

  • When is your next Flow With Intention Online classes starting?

  • What advice do you have about getting into alignment when time is limited?

  • Can you tell us more about your journey to a more loving relationship to yourself?

  • Can focusing on our frequency become a way to avoid dealing with difficult emotions?

  • Do you believe that we are here to learn and grow and that there’s a meaning to everything that happens? If so, can you match the beliefs of deliberate creation and things happening for a reason, sometimes beyond our understanding?

  • What advice would you give to your 20 year old self now?

  • What do you do when your trying to listen to your intuition and follow that peaceful feeling, but old fears and blocks get in the way and make every decision seem impossible or scary?

  • How was your experience at the Abraham Hicks conference? Did you have a chance to be in the hot seat?

  • Do you have any guilt while traveling around the world? If so, how do you deal with it?

  • How you switch off and relax both during very busy and potentially ‘un-aligning’ times (such as running LWIO and FWIO and recording podcasts) and after AKA now?




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