TLS #135: Facing Life-Changing News with Grace & Gratitude with Mariana López González


I believe today’s episode of The Lively Show is quite simply one of the most powerful and poignant episodes to date.

Today we’re speaking with Mariana López González of Elegir La Vida (Choose Life).

At the age of 19, a small black dot in Mariana’s right eye quickly escalated into brain tumor surgery just seven days later.

And the resulting recovery from that brain tumor has left her unable to eat ANY food or drink ANY liquids for the past seven years.

What Mariana has learned about life after living with these limitations is breathtaking and inspiring.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a story of courage, gratitude, and love in the face of life-changing circumstances.









  • Mariana tells us the story of how she first learned about her tumor and the emotions she experienced when finding out.

  • She explains that she had many feelings, from sadness to fear, before and after her surgery, but she overcame those emotions from her positive mindset.

  • Mariana describes the details shortly after her surgery, where she almost died due to cardiac arrest, and how her doctors “felt” that she was still here and continued resuscitation to revive her.

  • She tells us the struggles she had during recovery, which included finding out that she lost her ability to swallow food, as well as her four-month stay in a rehabilitation center as she worked to get her life back.

  • Mariana talks about her strong focus and drive during her recovery since she wanted to get out of rehabilitation as soon as possible.

  • She attributes her recovery to the people in her life during that time for maintaining her positive thinking – it was her “love shield” that protected her and made her stronger.

  • Mariana tells us that even though she was upset and depressed at times, as time went on, she was slowly able to accept her circumstances and move forward with life.

  • She tells us the story of how she began to hide whenever food was around which led to her becoming less social and closed from others.

  • Mariana attributes the big shift from running away to her therapist who made her see that she was also running away from people and her social needs.

  • She found that the act of sharing with others helps one embrace uncertainty.

  • Mariana mentions that she has been able to listen to her body and her intuition to make choices about the quality her life, including “tasting” foods!

  • She has found that humor has allowed her to process many things in her life.

  • Mariana admits she regrets not appreciating food more ever since losing the ability to enjoy eating foods.

  • She tells us that the purpose for her blog and writings is to have people love and celebrate life right now in the present.

  • Mariana tells us that the most important thing to embrace is the people that surround us, and the love that these people bring to your life.




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  1. This episode was amazing. It made me realize (among other things) how much I take for granted in my own life. Mariana has such a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing her story with everyone. <3

    1. marianalogon

      And thank you Marie for taking the time to write 🙂 I send you lots of hugs!

  2. ijulee

    This is by far, one of my favorite inspiring interview. I’d like to make her story into a children’s book. I keep thinking about her last meal. Thank you!

    1. marianalogon

      Thank you so much Julee! I am so touched by the response my story has been getting! It would be amazing to see it on a children’s book! Let me know if you decide to do it and if there is any way I can help you 😀 I’d be happy too. Feel free to contact me anytime!

    2. Regina GaMa

      loved the idea for a children’s book!

  3. Quinn

    Wwwwaterworks!! Gosh. She is amazing. While I listened, I fully enjoyed the mushy browning banana at my desk that I normally would want to toss. I think everyone needs to hear this to appreciate all the little things to the fullest! I can’t believe her story and her attitude. Thanks for sharing.

    1. marianalogon

      Thank you so much for your words Quinn! Reading comments like yours, with words full of love, also make me appreciate life so much! Have a great day! 🙂

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