TLS #128: Attracting The Partner You Want, Online Dating & Personal Growth With Matthew Hussey


Today on The Lively Show, we’re speaking with New York Times bestselling author, Today Show dating expert, and Cosmopolitan dating columnist, Matthew Hussey of How To Get The Guy.

I first found Matthew’s YouTube channel several months ago, and I have since become a huge fan of his practical and empowering advice which helps millions of women improve their confidence in the dating world and beyond.

As someone who is new to dating in the online era, Matthew’s advice concerning attracting the partner you want, dating site/app do’s + don’ts, and texting have been particularly helpful for me personally.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to attract the partner they really want, learn how to approach online dating intentionally, hear about Matthew’s own personal journey as a well-respected coach at the age of 28.










  • Matthew tells us how he began his career in self development as a child by studying self-help books on a continuous basis.

  • He tells us how he figured out that the “secret sauce” of successful people was simply the way they acted around people.

  • Matthew was always self-aware of what he needed to do to improve his situation at various times in his life.

  • He tells us how he went from helping men to helping women with relationship advice since they needed to hear from someone who knows how men are.

  • Mathew explains how he modeled himself from his “mentor” Tony Robbins and it took years to develop his own style and method for himself.

  • He’s tells us that women tend to gravitate to people they are comfortable with which is the reason they seem to get the same quality of men in their lives.

  • Matthew says that the only way to get a guy that you want is to break from what is comfortable for you.

  • He explains that you need one really great dimension of yourself to make you attractive to another person.

  • Mathew talks about how he shows people how to develop their unique pairings over time which can make them irresistible to the opposite sex.




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  1. I loved this episode so much. Even though I’m in a relationship and not in the dating scene, I still found lots of helpful information to keep my relationship fun and alive. Especially the bit about the white handkerchief: let the guy protect and provide. It’s kind of like keeping the fun of dating going once the relationship gets rolling. Thanks for another great show 🙂

    1. Exactly! I love that you found this so helpful – principles that are truly helpful at all stages of life. : )

  2. Alette

    I really enjoyed listening to this episode and found what Michael said powerful and authentic, but I followed the link you mention at the end of the show and am deeply confused by the info-mercial unauthentic tone.. I’m a bit disappointed.

    1. I wouldn’t suggest judging the content based on the link specifically. Feel free to dive into the Youtube channel or podcast. So much goodness! : )

  3. Alexis

    Great episode Jess! Even though I’ve been married for over 10 years, Matthew gave great advice for keeping things fresh! I tried one of Matthew’s nine text tips, mentioned in the show notes, and it worked like a charm with my husband.

  4. Jennifer Klee

    Jess, am I the only one who feels like maybe you should be dating this guy?? Seemed like there was a fairly strong mutual admiration & there was an abrupt edit that made me think, ‘hmmmmm…’

    1. Aw, thank you for the comment, Jennifer! You aren’t the only one who suggested this, two other ladies on IG also said the same thing.

      : )

  5. Olga

    Hi dear Jess,
    Loved this interview, and I loved reading Matthew’s book earlier this year.

    In earlier podcasts you mentioned you were taking an online class from him – which one exactly was it? I saw there are a few on Matthew’s website, and couldn’t figure out which one you were talking about…

    Have a beautiful day!

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