TLS #147: May Favorites – New Favorite Shoes, Books, TV Shows & French Trends


Today’s May Favorites episode includes the fiction book that I can’t stop listening to, the TV show that inspires me every time I watch, and some items I’ve picked on my travels.

In addition, I’m also sharing the popular fashion trends that I’ve noticed from women in France, Portugal, and London.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in hearing about what I’ve been loving in May as well as anyone who wants to hear a bit about the street fashion I’ve noticed in Europe so far.




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  • The books and music I’ve been listening to lately on my travels.

  • My experience with Facial Reflexology.

  • How my eating habits has affected my skin.

  • Why I spent a crazy amount of money on a striped black and white T-shirt.

  • What stuff people love in France, Portugal and the UK



“Hold One” by Rivvrs

Musician Chris Ayer

TLS #85 with Alisa Vitti

The Blemish Stick with Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop

The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone

Netflix: Chef’s Table Series

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes







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  1. Anika Schenck-Fontaine

    I had the same experience with my acne when I was in Berlin for the month of May. Other than cleaning my diet up again, I found that the European version of Effaclar Duo + by LaRoche Posay really helped to calm my skin down. It may be worth trying. Happy travels!

  2. Kristin Johnson

    Jess! I swear by The Body Shop’s tea tree oil line too! When I lived in Italy you could find it in bigger cities. I love the foam cleanser, the toner is great to get another clean sweep with a cotton ball, and the mattifying lotion is great! Those are my 3 go-to items.

  3. India Alexander

    The Stan Smith Adidas shoes are really popular in New Zealand as well! 🙂 Your trip sounds incredible, I’m a new follower of your podcasts and blogs and I absolutely love them. Thank you for bringing so much clarity to my life Jess.

  4. JBC London

    Jess, it was such a treat to have you come in for a facial reflexology. In case any readers or listeners want to learn more, details are on my website at

  5. Carley Hayden Bean

    Jess! You need to try the Beautycounter charcoal bar or mask. It’s amazing for what you’re experiencing. Detoxifying and the best thing is that Beautycounter products are free of over 1500 ingredients linked to health issues. Big fan of your podcast and member of LWIO and Work + Worth. You talked me through making a major career decision in Work + Worth and my daughter, Sutton popped in! Ha. Charcoal bar is sold out again due to popular demand until June 12th but the mask is here on my site if interested:

    Also a great source for some clean makeup!

  6. ijulee

    Is it me or RIVVRS reminds me of a male version of Macy Gray?
    I am having so much fun listening to your adventures~ : )

  7. I just bought my 5 year old the Stan Smith shoes!! She picked the iradesent silver heal. Glad to hear she’s on trend!! Hahah!!! Love that you are on this journey and sharing it with us!!! Sending lots of love from Brooklyn!!

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