may’s free wallpaper: certain of the outcome

download the full-size white wallpaper

Since today is the first day of May, it’s time for a new free MML wallpaper.

The quote for this month is taken from A Course in Miracles. I discovered the phrase in Gabby Bernstein’s interview with Marie Forelo (which I found quite interesting).

This month I have a clear vision of what I’d like in my life, but I don’t have much control over anything beyond my own actions. So this quote is going to remind myself to act as if I’ve already manifested those things. Which will help me relax, let things flow, and enjoy all the moments in between now and then.

download the full-size tree wallpaper

And as usual, I whipped up a photo version of the wallpaper as well for those who like a little sumpin’ sumpin’.


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  1. Susan

    It’s like you have some sort of voodoo-psychic power, and you know exactly what I need to hear when you make these desktops each month! They’re always so timely; I love it.

    Keep ’em coming!

  2. I second Susan’s comment. This might be my new mantra…I know God is working for and on my behalf, there is really nothing to fear or get anxious about. The end is always good, because He is working it together for my good and His plans are good.

    Thanks Jess.

  3. Molly

    What a great quote! I’ve happily downloaded the tree wallpaper and look forward to enjoying it all month long. Thank you so much for your generous creativity.

  4. I love your monthly wall papers, the quotes are always so timely and inspirational.

  5. Nicole

    Ironically, I just started A Course in Miracles yesterday. I am doing the online workbook after hearing it referred to by so many people over the last few months. I love the monthly wallpapers anyway but this one had perfect timing!

  6. Jess

    I’m so glad you all love the wallpaper and that the quote hits home for you all too! : )

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