TLS #156: A Lively Adventure – Processing Pain: Reflections on a Buddhist Meditation Retreat


In today’s Lively Adventure episode I’m sharing what I learned from Dhanakosa, a weeklong Buddhist Meditation Retreat, that I participated in the Scottish Highlands last week.

I’m sharing what the retreat itself was like, what I personally experienced during my self-reflection regarding relationships, and lessons learned from processing physical and emotional pain.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about what the meditation retreat was like or those who are looking for a way to process physical or emotional pain.









  • The Buddhist meditation retreat is a week long retreat and included four meditations a day, each about 20-35 min and then long periods of silence.

  • How it allowed me to be active while getting to know the people in my group while sharing and discussing what we were learning together in the retreat.

  • The three specific practices in this meditation: mindfulness of breathing, loving kindness and chanting mediations.

  • How I managed to live with intense migraines while still experiencing extreme joy during this retreat.

  • How I believe that the headaches were a sign that I was headed in the right direction towards rebalancing my body and being closer to my Flow.

  • How focusing on “full ease” allowed me to go through my day much easier and with gratitude, without thinking too much about the pain.

  • That I believe that one important lesson was to show me how to be joyful, even when things are uncomfortable.

  • How this retreat proved that the mindset shifts I’ve been making over the last ten years have transformed me into a  person that can deal with issues (like migraines) and still have a great and joyful experience.

  • My mindset shifts have been comprised of: living life by my Values, detaching myself from the ego, understanding my choice of emotions before outcomes, using meditation to notice and observe the ego, and having epic empathy for myself.

  • How seeking the Flow and following the Adventure that comes with it, instead of resisting it, has helped me continue this journey abroad.




Dhanakosa Buddhist Meditation Retreat Center

Vipassana Meditation








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  1. Bethan Axford

    The retreat sounds lovely, and now I’m seriously thinking of going myself next year. On the migraines, another reason might be the ego throwing up physical pain to resist the quietening of the mind. My yoga teacher has done several vipassana retreats and this is something she’s talked to us students about at length.

  2. Adrienne Bishop

    I agree with Bethan below, the release of your unconscious emotion pain may have caused the physical migraines. There may have been some suppressed emotions that emerged and caused them. But kudos to you that you were able to not fear them and to flow through them! That is the cure!

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