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Over the weekend Mr. Lively and I added to our little family. (Benjamin) Franklin Lively has now entered our lives and our home.

The first 24 hours were a big adjustment for us all. But we are starting to get into the swing of things and today is his is first day “on the job” with me.

So far here’s what he’s accomplished.

Yes, this is his food tray. And yes, he has a bed two feet from the food tray.

He seems to have a tray fetish.

Just like his mom.


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  1. Jacki

    Oh, Jess, he is PRECIOUS! Congratulations! My little white doggie has been a delightful buddy for the past 6 years (a Maltese) and some of my favorite memories of him were puppy-time naps, usually sprawled on my lap. Enjoy every minute! 🙂

  2. Susan

    HE IS SO TINY AND CUTE. I’m sitting here flailing a bit.

  3. Victoria

    Oh my gosh he is the cutest! I love his name also! 🙂

  4. Kylie

    I am overwhelmed by his cuteness! And I must know: is the (Benjamin) really part of his name? So, so sweet.

  5. PartyOverHair

    Franklin is too precious! Congrats on your new family member. I know my 2 yr old Pomeranian definitely helps me get through those tough work days!

  6. Jess

    Kylie, yes, he is named after my favorite historical person, Benjamin Franklin. But we won’t call him Benjamin, he’ll go by Franklin. : )

  7. He’s so cute! Wish my hubby was more of a dog lover… He has said we can have one outside and this post has me all but hopping in my car and driving to the humane society right. this. minute!

  8. erika

    jess, he’s so cute! congrats on your new family member. 🙂

  9. Patricia

    Oh my goodness! This reminds me of my sweet Westie when she was a puppy. I’m so happy that you finally got your pup. Love Westies!

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