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Today is a big day for Jess LC. We’ll be running our Pop Up Shop in downtown in Chicago from 9 to 3 today and tomorrow as well as launching our new Jackson Collection online!

We got our inspiration for the new items from our popular Astor Collection launched years ago, but updated them in many new ways with color and function. Which means we are going “classic Jess LC” and moving forward, which makes me very excited.

Our biggest headliner for this collection, and sure to be a shop classic, are the Jackson Bauble Necklaces and Jackson Mini Bauble Necklaces.

These necklaces are beautiful and the best part is they are also functional. Their long ribbons are interchangeable. Which means you can order one or multiple necklaces as well as ribbons and swap them out with each other as often as you like. Which for my (intentional) design sensibility is perfect: I want to get unique color combinations that pop, but also not feel limited to just one look.

For the lookbook, and to help provide color suggestions for customers, we asked some of our favorite bloggers for their favorite combinations. They each hand-picked their look of choice which we have shared on the product pages and in the lookbook.

I’d like to thank: Atlantic-PacificCamille Styles, Coco + KelleyDesign DarlingKendi EverydayOh Joy, and The Everygirl for their beautiful suggestions and design input! You can see all of the combinations they picked on product pages and the lookbook.

Also, this launch is not complete without mentioning the amazing team that helped make the launch happen. Susie, our Jewelry Queen, as always is doing fantastic work with each and every style. In case you didn’t know, she handmakes each and every item of our jewelry for Jess LC. So if you order, she’s the lady working on your items. I’d also like to thank our Jess LC ladies, Caitlin and Kiley, for being willing to be in our lookbook! I shot the photos myself and we had a great time canvassing Navy Pier, the Lincoln Park Green City Market, and Lincoln Park at large.

In fact, both Caitlin and Kiley have their own blogs as well, which I highly recommend checking out.

And of course, feel free to shop the collection and peruse the lookbook!

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  1. Jessica

    These are so pretty! I love that the design is simple and feminine but still packed with personality.

  2. Clara

    Lady- these are awesome!!!! Now I just have to choose one and work it into my budget :).

  3. Kate

    Hi Jess, It was nice meeting you today at the Chicago Sidewalk Sale. I’m glad I was able to stop by and say hello. Your new collection looked amazing! I hope the rest of the day went well, and I’ll see you at the next Business in the City!

  4. Serena

    I love these designs Jess and that they do double duty by being able to swap around the colours.

    As an idea for a future WIKW, it would be great to hear about forming collaborations with other bloggers etc for your look book. Do you only approach people you have a connection with or if not, how do you approach people you WANT to work with? Just a thought!

    Congrats on the new range!

  5. Jess

    Kelsey, thank you!!

    Kate, it was great to talk to you at the Pop Up Shop too!

    Serena, thank you for your idea for WIKW! : )

  6. Anja

    wow, they look beautiful, especially those long necklaces! Perfect for summer outfits. I am totally in love with the mint and white version!! Congrats on another wonderful collection!!

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