TLS #236: Law of Attraction: clarifying action, manifestations and feeling good ‘all the time’ with Megan Bowers

Today on TLS, I’m discussing one of my favorite subjects with friend and videographer, Megan Bowers… The parts of law of attraction that can seem confusing.

Here are a few items we’ll be diving into, based on questions I have been asked by listeners and friends:

  • Do I need to take “Massive Action” a la Tony Robbins?
  • Should life feel “easy and good” all the time?
  • What is my first manifestation? (And how to tell if I have it.)
  • What is the most critical part of all desires?

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a deep dive into the finer points of Law of Attraction and how to use it to live the life you want.





  • Megan describes what she knows about Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction they discuss who and what Abraham is about.

  • They describe how Abraham’s voice speaks through Esther and what grabbed Jess’s attention when she started to listen to Abraham.

  • Jess talks in depth about taking massive action and how we need to take it from a place of alignment.

  • Jess clarifies what and why the first manifestation is the emotional state.

  • She describes what is Self Love and why it’s the critical part of all the desires.




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  1. Maggie Tate

    How often do you do the 5 pages? Is this something that should be done everyday or a few times a week. Also does it matter if it is handwritten or typed?

    1. Do the 5 pages as often as you’d like, hand written or typed, to feel incredible and attract incredible things into your life. : )

  2. Marketing for Mobile

    Abraham Hicks is the spirit guide of Esther Hicks. Google explains Esther & Jerry are divorced. Esther breaks down Abraham’s energy flow is great great detail. Yes, it was worth me saying great twice.

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