TLS #125: Finding Self-Worth Beyond Work, Marriage & Motherhood with Meg Piercy


Today on The Lively Show, we are talking with Meg Piercy, a Chicago-based wife, mother of two, and owner of the super-successful refinished furniture store, MegMade.

Meg is sharing vulnerably about her journey to unhinge her self-worth from things like motherhood, marriage, and her career. She’s also discussing the powerful impact that counseling has had on her life and marriage with her husband and co-founder, Joe Piercy.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear about someone living the principles of Rising Strong (the subject of last week’s episode), or for anyone who wants to hear an open conversation about self-worth, marriage, motherhood, and career.








  • Meg tells us the story of how she went from painting tables in a home basement into a nationwide furniture business.

  • She discuss how determination and the mixture of timing, passion, talent and living in a big city led to her business growth and success.

  • Meg describes how she makes owning a business and being a mom work together, and that it’s a work hard play hard balance.

  • She tells us how she made the decision to parent her children using her own personal intuition.

  • Meg tell us how her husband Joe is involved in her company as a business manager and her personal cheerleader.

  • She explains how counseling has been extremely beneficial for both her marriage and her business and that has opened better communication in their lives.

  • Through counseling, Meg found using the truth of who she is to drive her, rather than letting emotion drive her.

  • She tells us what the counseling experience is like for her and who it would be beneficial for.

  • Meg tells us how important it is for her to be secure in her parenting skills and how that is an everyday challenge for her.

  • She tells us her lesson of how she is defining herself by being an overcomer, rather than being overcoming.

  • Meg describes her thoughts on the direction of her business and her balance of personal and family life.



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  1. mandy winter

    Again what a fantastic show! All of your podcasts right now are really resonating with me. I am so filled with tools to tackle my day! Thank you Jess!

  2. Pia Bineau

    I LOVED this one, Jess!

    “Work on yourself first, don’t try to fix your spouse.” That really hit home with me. My husband and I get along very well, but for those handful of days where we have our disagreements I’m sure much of it could easily be fixed, just by checking ourselves first before blaming the other or trying to fix what we feel they are doing wrong. Great advice!

    Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

    1. Pia Bineau

      P.S. May I share this with my Norwex team? This will be great on so many levels for all of the direct sales ladies and gentlemen that I work with.

  3. Suzy

    Another great episode! THANK YOU!
    This one really hit home and in some sore spots, ha! But I love how both you and Meg are open about being in your 30s and still working on yourself. That’s something I’ve been coming to terms with for a few years now, ‘specially after having a kid. Not that being a mom changed me, it’s being a mom has exposed parts of me that I didn’t realize I needed to work on.

    AND my husband and I also both work together and it has been a struggle with work, kid and being with each other all day long. It kind of was refreshing to hear someone else voice the same obstacles we face.

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