TLS #130: Living Beyond The Social Media Expectations of the Modern Woman with Mica May (May Designs)

TheLivelyShowWithMicaMayToday on The Lively Show we are having a very real and very inspiring conversation with May Designs founder and mother of three, Mica May.

Mica is sharing openly about her journey to grow her multi-million dollar customizable notebook business, become a mother of three – including a son with down syndrome, and grapple with the perceived expectations online of what “the modern woman’s” life really looks like.

This chat also explores the two energies we have within ourselves, the yin and yang, or the “masculine” and “feminine” energies — and why I believe that our society has so much to gain from learning how to use both energies simultaneously and interchangeably.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to explore our “masculine” and “feminine” energies (or yin and yang energies) and become the most empowered version of ourselves, independent of gender.









  • Mica tells us how her career evolved from advertising to marketing and into graphic design work for a non-profit before beginning her own multi-million dollar business.

  • She tells us what inspired her to create her notebook product, which was initially based on her personal needs for the perfect notebook.

  • Mica grew her business by word of mouth and describes how being featured on a national morning news show made her business explode exponentially almost overnight.

  • She tells us the story of how the birth of her son Jackson, who has Down Syndrome, affected her family and how raising three kids while growing a business has been one of the most challenging aspects of her life.

  • Mica tells us about the guilt she has from the high expectations that she either put on herself or feels that the world put out there for her.

  • She tells us about the sphere of influence and how she uses that to guide her decisions and direction of her life and business.

  • Mica describes the liturgies of the heart and how the things you believe in at your core are reinforced by the little things you do everyday that are habits.



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  1. I recently learned about Mica’s notebooks from a client and quickly fell in love – so great to hear you chatting with her 🙂

  2. I loved her vulnerability! I love seeing that alongside a great success story and entrepreneur. Thanks again for another inspiring podcast 🙂

  3. sara

    Most helpful Lively show yet for me! Thank you!

  4. Miya McClain

    loved this episode!!! Mica, my husband is the one who the school calls if there is emergency. For a long time he was the one that did all the drop off and pick ups. It works for us and I believe that there are more families that work this way then is talked about. love that you talked about the guilt and tug between work and motherhood.

  5. Thao

    This is one of my favorite shows to date! I was so inspired by the fact that Mica was able to start a business that began as an idea while she was 8 months pregnant! I also loved the discussion of masculine/feminine energy and agree with you, Jess, that we can probably throw out the terms (except that they are an easy referent for discussion!). In my more traditional career roles, I have often felt the need to “tone down” or reimagine the way I present myself, for fear of seeming incapable of the leadership opportunities I wanted. I still find myself craving a safe space to display my natural personality (which leans towards the “feminine” energy), while also showcasing my abilities. It often feels like a fight against myself, like a series of micro-decisions that, over time, become exhausting – to use an exclamation point in a professional email or not, to wear this shade of pink or choose a neutral, to talk about reality TV or a less gendered form of entertainment with my coworkers. I’m tiring myself just typing this out. 😉 I so appreciate this discussion, and really hope that we can start to recognize all kinds of skills (“hard” AND “soft”) as worthy and essential to leadership.

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