TLS #232: Guided Meditation: Overcoming money blocks

Today’s Lively Show is another guided meditation! I originally created this meditation for a friend with a mental block around money and abundance, and now I’m sharing it with you!

So, if you have any beliefs around money that you are looking to clear, or want to open yourself up to even more abundance in your life, this meditation could be perfect for you to listen to as you wake up or go to sleep.

(Also, if you know anyone else who may have a block around money or abundance, please share this episode with them!)

This episode is perfect for anyone with mental beliefs around money that seem to be blocking their ability to create the abundance mindset or circumstances they desire.







  • A meditation practice to clear up thoughts and blocks about money.

  • Be able to open yourself up to even more abundance in your life.




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  1. Shelly Ganslaw

    Yesterday I was having a complete crap day, completely unrelated to money, but I sat down to relax for a moment and I thought, what the hell let me listen to this meditation because I can get worried about money even though there is no immediate danger of running out. Anyway, I kind of dozed off for a bit, and when I woke up and tuned back in I heard exactly what I needed to hear to help with the unrelated nonsense that had sent me into a tailspin for the better part of my day. After listening to this meditation, I felt like a million pounds had been lifted off my chest, and all the silly thoughts that were running through my head were done! It was so unbelievable, it kind of freaked me out. All this is really just to say thank you! I’ve been quietly following you, and observing your journey, since your jewelry days and I really think you have found your path. Your are doing amazing and I’m sure you have touched so many more people than me. I hope you keep on doing what you are doing, and thank you for letting us tag along!

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