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As I prepare to move to the new apartment this weekend and close Jess LC in November, a sense of change is definitely in the air.

The person I am now is not the same person that moved into this building three years ago. I’m older, wiser, and have a better hair cut.

Oh, and I’m also married, going to be a (puppy) mom, and will be designing a new home.

With all of this in mind, I’d love to hear what topics you’d like to see more of here on the blog!

These are a few of the topics I’m thinking about exploring in more depth. I’d love to know which ones you are most excited about or want to see more of.

  • Thinking with intention
  • Marriage / relationship
  • Decorating the home
  • Puppy photos
  • Style
  • Cheap tricks
  • Overcoming fears or difficult things
  • ______________________

Please comment with your favorite(s) and of course, feel free to fill in the blank with your own suggestion!

I really appreciate your help, as I really want this blog to be as helpful as possible.

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  1. Helena

    Well, I definitely want to see pictures of the puppy and your new space. I love reading about your relationship with Mr Lively (likely because I, too, am an almost-newlywed so our lives are kind of in the same place on that one).

  2. Jenn

    I always love your style and decorating posts. You have a great eye and everytime you do a post relating to these things I end up referring back to it over and over again. I especially like your almost minimalist approach, focusing on those things that you love the most. But truth be told, I find most of your posts helpful and relevant, so just keep doing what you’re doing! haha.

  3. Jacki

    I definitely want to see a picture of the puppy! 🙂

    Categories I find particularly helpful, interesting and relevant are marriage/relationship; thinking with intention; decorating the home; overcoming fears/difficult things.

  4. Rachel

    I love your business with intention posts- I am a “midnight hustler” in the wedding design industry. I also love to see how you design your workspace and other areas of your house.

    I like it all! 🙂 Honestly, I check for updates twice a day. Ha!

  5. Marriage and decorating the home. I wouldn’t complain if there are some puppy photos and stories thrown in, too! 🙂

  6. Kylie

    Definitely puppy photos galore, and decorating. I’d love to see how you planned out your apartment before the move — I can never figure out how to mock things up. I’d also love to see the journeys of your consulting clients. You’ve shared some of their progress in the Wish I Knew Wednesday emails, and I loved that.

    Happy moving!

  7. I love your posts about overcoming fear and puppies are ALWAYS a win in my books! Can’t wait to see your fur baby 🙂

  8. Amy

    My favorite posts include ones about decorating your home and the business with intention emails. I just moved in to a house and am craving inspiration! I’m also in the brainstorming stages of possibly working for myself.

  9. I can’t WAIT to see photos of your new home in action – Your decorating style has always been a big inspiration. I would also love to keep reading your thoughts on marriage since I just got married in April (today’s earlier post was exceptionally helpful!!).

  10. Jess, I LOVE your blog and the different topics you cover. I think all the topics are great, and I’d love to read about them. If I had to pick my top faves, I’d say they’d be decorating, style, cheap tricks and thinking with intention. But now thinking about it, I’d like everything else, too. Hehe… 🙂

  11. Adriana

    Thinking with intention & Overcoming fears or difficult things.You should have done a poll.
    All the best for you on this new road!

  12. Exciting! I’d love to read more cheap tricks and ‘makeunder’/organization tips!

    Of course I want to see that puppy!

  13. lindsay

    #1 – I really liked the midnight hustlers series when they journal every week about creating a business for themselves.
    Also I like reading about you’re journey of owning and revamping a business…plus puppy photos. I’ve also really enjoyed you getting more person in your posts

  14. Jen

    I’d love to see some relationship/marriage posts. I’m a newlywed too, as of August!

  15. raquel

    thinking with intention ESPECIALLY relationship wise
    and decorating with intention on a budget!!!

  16. Nicky

    I like all the topics you suggest! I would encourage you to write about all of that you are passionate about as this enthusiasm comes through when you write about it. I would like to read about those things, moments and people that inspire you. How and why. Very good luck with all the changes! and thanks for sharing!

  17. Daniela

    Thinking with intention, Marriage / relationship, Decorating the home, Cheap tricks. Having said that, any time you write about something that relates to a personal story, I tend to prefer those posts.

    Not so much the dog stuff.

  18. Jenn

    Quite honestly, all of the subjects you’ve listed are of interest to me! I’m engaged and planning a wedding so working on my relationship is important to me, we plan to get a dog right after the wedding so YES to puppy pics, I love moving and decorating new spaces too, I could go on… so, all of these sound great to me.

  19. Jenn

    Forgot to mention that I LOVED the cheap thrills post – I picked up a couple of 2-for-$20 B&BW candles and am so happy I didn’t spend more than that on one single candle by another brand that I don’t even like as much.

  20. AdeOla

    You are covering many good topics. More business with intentions would be nice, but decorating and marraige intentions too. A pics of the pup…just do what you do Jess…you are wonderful at it.

  21. Jen

    I enjoy your “thinking with intention” posts the most. Some of them have really made a tangible difference in my life. You have such a gift in that area!

  22. Joanna

    Not surprisingly I’m interested in marriage/relationships and business with intention. I’m also interested in decorating, I love your style and don’t have much talent in that area myself. I agree with Kelsey that blogging tips for success would be great too!

  23. raquel

    addendum- although I really love animals and dogs, I get enough of that on other social media, I like hearing what is in your head more!

  24. Ashley

    I love to hear about cheap tricks, those are always really good. Also, marriage/relationships, since I am newly engaged and will be getting married next year.
    Your decorating ideas are amazing and can’t wait to see what you do with your new space. Style of any kind is always good. I also like reading about your blogging tips and business tips, too. I’m hoping to continue with my blog after I marry. It’s just a little too much for me right with the wedding planning, working full time, being present in ALL my relationships. The blog has taken a backseat. Hoping to relaunch in June 2013. I like time management tips, too and how you stay organized in all aspects of life.

    Congrats on working on your fear of driving. I drive to work everyday, but what I’m afraid of driving is manual. My fiance tried teaching me this summer and I never made it out of the parking lot! haha!

  25. I actually would love to hear more about all of the items you mentioned in this post. I know that may not be super helpful if you’re trying to narrow things down, but I think a variety of topics is interesting…and I think it would appeal to a wide audience.

  26. Leslie

    Updating the online planner/apps that manage to-do lists (especially color-coded ones!) and time management tips. I love the worry-diffusing ideas. I’m so excited to continue to follow the blog as I have for I think nearly 2 years! Congrats, Jess!

  27. Giovanna

    decorating, business intentions, decorating, overcoming fears and did I mention decorating?

  28. Kate

    I’m totally in the minority that I can live without Puppy pics as the internet provides a plethora of them. I don’t know if it matters, the puppy is going to be so dang cute an excessive posting of them will still be loved.

    Thinking with intention, style, overcoming fears/difficult things, personal/professional growth, decorating/cheap tricks (in small segments).

    My favorite part of your blog is your fearlessness in sharing your vulnerabilities. So, that too.

    Congrats on all the awesomely epic change!

  29. Alicia

    All of the above, plus the ins and outs of growing your own business and working from home: how you manage your time, how you use your workspace… I’m in a completely different industry (academia) but I also work from home a lot (writing, grading…), and it’s oddly inspirational to read about how people in other lines of work do it.

  30. Jowhara

    I love puppies, however, I’d really like to see more of the thinking with intention and overcoming fears and difficult things. These are the things that inspire me to keep moving forward.

    And congratulation on the great changes and good luck with the moving.

  31. Eleanor

    Well, all of the above, really 🙂 If I had to choose, I’d say thinking with intention, marriage / relationship, decorating the home, and overcoming fears or difficult things. Also blogging / business with intention, I always love those posts.

    In regards to relationship posts particularly, I was wondering if you could maybe share your thoughts on *dating* with intention? I know you didn’t share too much about your relationship with Mr. Lively until things were quite established, but maybe re-winding a bit would be helpful to some of your readers. I’m stoked to see more about how you handle your marriage on here, but as someone who is, well, nowhere near married, something with a broader view would be really interesting to me!

    Congrats on absolutely everything you’ve achieved recently, and good luck with the move! They can be absolutely nerve-wracking, but when things get crazy just remember that in a few short days you’ll be settled in your new home 🙂

  32. Maggie

    I’m a new reader and Jess LC customer. I would love to read more about

    -thinking with intention
    -decorating your home
    -overcoming fears/difficult things
    -maybe chicago “must-dos” ?

  33. CB

    Thinking, relationships, overcoming fears, cheap tricks are some of my favorite categories.

  34. I definitely want to see pics of the new place and puppy pictures are ALWAYS welcome. My favorite posts though are about business, thinking, relationships, exfoliating/decluttering, and style.

  35. Overcoming fears + how to navigate relationships when you’re the only entrepreneur.

  36. Victoria C

    All of the above! But I especially love your posts on living with intention. 🙂

  37. alli

    I’d love to see more posts about settling in and decorating…good luck with the move!

  38. I love reading about the way others choose to decorate and organize their homes–I look forward to the photo tour of your new place! I also love your business-oriented articles, I hope those don’t stop! Also high on my list is living with intention, and I can’t resist “cheap tricks” 🙂 And I never, EVER say no to puppies.

  39. All of the above!!! Good luck with the move this weekend. I can’t wait to see the new pup.

  40. Veronica

    I always enjoy the decorating and fashion/style ones. Also, home organization and overcoming fears. Best of luck on the move!

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