the lively show: loving a 9-to-5 job with mr. lively


Today’s episode of The Lively Show has a special guest…. Mr. Lively himself!

When I first started dating my husband, I called him Mr. Lively on the blog.

Back then, many readers assumed it was a pseudonym.

In fact, one or two readers even shared their disappointment when they learned that Lively was, in fact, his last name. They preferred the idea that it was a nickname based on his personality alone.

Me on the other hand?

I was thrilled to adopt the Lively last name myself!

Anyways, today’s your chance to get to know the hubba.

We’ll be talking about loving a 9-to-5 job. This is an important topic – and one of my favorite episodes – because I deeply believe being intentional is not tied to entrepreneurship specifically.

This episode is perfect for those who love their day jobs, those who want to find a 9-to-5 they love, or for those who want to hear about the benefits of having a day job compared to entrepreneurship. 






  • How Mr. Lively’s career journey landed him in a 9-to-5 he loves.
  • Why Mr. Lively loves his current job and the elements he believes are important in corporate culture.
  • The advantages he has found in his job compared to my entrepreneurial journey.
  • Why entrepreneurship isn’t always the right fit.
  • What Mr. Lively recommends for those who want to find a 9-to-5 they love.
  • What Mr. Lively would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




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  1. Eva Mijes

    Mr. Lively! Thanks for doing this interview! I think your advice to recent graduates is right on point! Someone once told me, “You will not find your dream job right out of college… because you don’t even know what you like!”. I agree with you on the learn, learn, learn and be the best at what opportunities you have! Love this!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Eva! And you’re right, that was a great piece of advice from Mr. Lively. : )

  2. Mae

    Listened as usual, loved it as always! It was great “meeting” Mr Lively 🙂 You guys sound like a very happy couple. You both have some great incites too. It was super cool hearing you talk more about balanced living than the usual focus on more e-business stuff (even though I totally dig that too 😉

    And I totally agree with the whole “always learning” thing. If I could be a life long uni student, I would be. But I’ve found some amazing (and free) certificate courses and even online classes to myself busy since graduating.

    – Mae

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Mae.

      I like to think (or at least hope) that all the episodes present a relatively balanced perspective to living, regardless of whether it’s about a self-employed person or not. As I mentioned in the episode, I have rarely set out to talk exclusively about e-biz concepts in the show, though guests do tend to gravitate towards that because of their own connections to that area. My aim is always to bring up at least one topic in each show that can relate to people on a non-biz/blog level. : )

      I love that you are an always learning person, too! That’s awesome.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. Kendall

    Jess, this could not have possibly been more timely for me and it was the perfect morning listen. I’m someone who has big plans for entrepreneurship in the future, but right now I’m stuck in a super-stressful job that leaves me no time or energy to work on my own projects and I’ve had to make some tough decisions about how to proceed. Thank you so much for always providing interesting and insightful content! And it was great to finally hear from Mr. Lively as well. You two seem to make an excellent team. Thanks again for giving me some useful tidbits to mull over while I’m working on making my life more intentional.

  4. Lauren

    Another great episode. It was nice to hear from someone who has a 9-to-5 and enjoys it. Sometimes the blog world can give it a bad rep but there are plenty of people who are content with a 9-to-5 or corporate job. Thanks Mr. Lively!

  5. Helena

    Wow what a great
    interview. I’m listening to you across the pond here in the UK and a lot of
    what Mr Lively said resonates with me. I’m yet to find my place in the world of
    jobs. I’ve tried sooo many but keep picking things that seem the wrong fit! I
    find that I don’t believe in their views, they change over time or the people
    in the company don’t gel with me. I’ve ended up feeling like I need to be
    perfect to fit in or bossed about by colleagues who have no right to do so. The
    idea of luck being a part of it makes me wonder why I’ve been given some rough
    cards to play with and just where and when will I find those Aces? Last month I
    found myself blogging for 30 days straight and thoroughly enjoying the ride. I
    have found loads of great things (many related to business I’m gravitating
    towards). I especially love your podcasts here and look forward to each and
    every one of them.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Helena. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t found the right fit yet. I am sure as long as you keep checking in with your intuition and following it’s lead, you’ll find where you are meant to be in time. And along the way, it’s a lovely thing to realize that our “purpose” has nothing to do specifically with any one role, but can be lived in each ideal and not-so-ideal situation ( ). I’m also happy to hear you are enjoying the business and blogging side of things. Best wishes in that area as well!

  6. Lesley Myrick

    Great episode, Jess (and Mr. Lively!). This topic has been on my mind, as you know from my blog post and from our Twitter conversation the other week. Thanks for providing a great pro-full-time-job point of view. I think it’s important to figure out which type of career works best for you – entrepreneurship or a full-time gig for someone else – and do the best darn job you can!

    Here’s the blog post I mentioned earlier, if anyone’s interested: Why Having a Full Time Job Doesn’t Suck if You’re a Freelancer.

  7. Morgan

    Great interview! I balance a 9-5, two growing businesses (including my blog) and have a mini family to enjoy as well. Always awesome to hear the advice that your interviewees share! I look forward to Thursdays ;). I could not agree more that it’s all about learning wherever you are. Can’t believe how much I now rely on those little knowledge crumbs that I gathered even through totally unrelated college internships and how well they’ve served me these last few years! Experience is everywhere. Well done, Mr. Lively!

    1. So true, Morgan. I’m glad you enjoyed this episode and that you’ve been able to take what you’ve learned along the way and use it in your businesses, job, and life, too!

  8. Kelly Oetzel

    Great podcast! Loved it! Was wondering if Mr. Lively could recommend any tech blogs?

  9. Jess! Needed to catch up on your podcasts and just listened to this one with Mr. Lively. You two compliment each other so well and I appreciate your honesty from each perspective!

  10. Katie Evans

    Jess, I LOVED what you said about “shiny” online presences! Pinterest perfect images and social media accounts sure do gloss over the hard work of owning your own business. Thanks for being so honest and transparent about the real/hard work of being on your own! As always, love the show!! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you appreciated that part, Katie! I’ve got a great show coming up in January or February that will touch on a similar theme. ; )

  11. jill

    Your candid dialogue about your own experiences with depression and ultimately realizing that you are a social person after all was very meaningful to me. Often kids who don’t fit into the stereotypical social “mold” often have a difficult time in school. I work with kids who struggle with this everyday. Successful people like you who share their experiences can really impact these kids’s lives so cudos to you for sharing!

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