my 2014 future letter


Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty good feeling about 2013. 

Yesterday I mentioned that I would be writing my Future Letter to myself today. And true to my word, I just finished it. This year unlike the last seven years I subtracted the quantitative metrics, shiny objects, and overarching goals that laced past Future Letters.

I wrote my letter with as much intuition and spirit as possible.

And for the first time ever, I’d like to share my Future Letter here with you. In the past I’ve felt self-conscious sharing letters in their entirety… perhaps that’s a good indication that my past letters may have had a bit more egoic detail in them than I felt comfortable sharing.

But this time I’m feeling light. Free. This letter is one that resonates with what is truly most important to me. And though I am not promising that I will fulfill my letter’s description all the time, it is what I would like to cultivate in 2013.


Dear Jess,

When I see myself walk into the coffee shop in 2014 I see a woman who is glowing from the inside. I am outwardly beautiful, but even more radiant within. I am at a state of peace, joy, and service most of the time.

Though it was not easy to keep this Acceptance perspective every day, I did not waiver in my dedication to rising above fear, lack, doubt, and worry. Rather than feel egoic and as if I could solve my own or other’s future problems, I lived in the moment and was a Student Servant in life.

I chose to gravitate towards those things that had high frequencies of peace, joy, and presence. This included the things I read, watched, consumed, and purchased. I found that I enjoyed and deserved to live at this high vibrational level and recognized my ability to stay humble at the same time.

I changed my metrics of success from outward fame, money, or “stuff” towards service. I tracked diligently the times that I helped people and worked from that point of view in all that I did, especially in my vocation.

Though I had challenges along the way, I always returned to this ultimate intention and found my center again. I connected with my spirit daily, as much as possible.

I lived a highly grateful life because I recognized that which I will always have control over, my intention and helping others who I have the ability to help. I didn’t stay focused on metrics in my personal life, but I did stay connected to how I felt and thought each day and that helped me keep tabs on how well I was connecting to service in that area of my life.

I reconnected with friends new and old in new levels this year. I loved getting to know people of all walks of life, those that are influential and those that are not. I didn’t let ego get in the way of meeting, connecting, and reflecting their own perfection and connection to myself and the Universe.

I also stayed in a student mindset. I chose to read daily as often as possible. I didn’t beat myself up when it didn’t happen, but I did try to read, even just a little, each day. I loved getting to connect to new ideas, ways to help, and live this spirit-connected life.

I rose above the shiny pennies of the world to be in, but not of the physical world. This did not mean that I didn’t have awesome outfits, possessions and a beautiful home. But it does mean I did not covet it and mistake the beauty of things as a source of true joy.

I really learned what it is to connect and love my immediate family. I learned what Scott always talks about when he mentions he loves me in the verb sense. I woke up looking forward to helping him in his life. And I recognized how I can serve and give Franklin the best life possible, while still maintaining my own well-being and service as well.

I found a way to work with Franklin during the day that we both enjoyed. I was patient when he was young towards his barking, biting, chewing, and general puppy-ness. And as he grew and matured I granted him more privilege and freedom to be on his own.

More than anything this year I valued how I felt and contributed. I sought that “Airplane feeling” as much as possible. I stayed present, read, reflected, and prayed to help myself experience that bliss.

I also continued to run, lift, and do yoga for my mind more than my body. I recognized the role that movement played in my wellbeing and connection to the Universe.

I also paid more attention to the foods I consumed and recognized what had value and what did not. I also honored my gut and ate until satisfied. When it came to drinking, I was in, but not of it. I recognized it’s ability to serve and eventually detract from my life and I became better about listening to my intuition in this area. The result was that I did drink when I felt like it, but not to the point where it dulled my enjoyment in the moment or the next day.

I also traveled the world and helped others through the workshops that I held for life and business With Intention. I reached out and truly connected with the people I met and had a great relationship with Clara helping each other grow personally and professionally.

On the blog I truly connected to my dedication to service and made time to truly connect and share high quality content. When needed, I sacrificed quantity for quality of posts. I didn’t hold myself to a truly daily posting schedule if it did not serve that high quality intention that I had. I also allowed myself to tell my story and did not fear feedback but took it for what it was.

I also healed my relationship with my dear friend. It was not easy, but in general I realized how great it was to take a sincerely apologetic stance in disagreements. I don’t have to rationalize or defend my behavior, I can just apologize sincerely and reach out for that Universal connection to be made. I worked this into my relationship with my family, friends, and Scott as well.

In general, I dedicated my life to helping people first and foremost. In addition to helping myself to stay connected to that higher, Universal perspective. The results of which, I left to God with open hands. I believed that good things would follow… and I was right.

With love, 



Now that I’ve shared my Future Letter with you, I hope you consider writing your own for yourself! Please take my letter above as a way to connect better with me, but not influence what your letter should include. Go with your gut, write out what you really, truly want, and see what happens in the year to come!


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  1. Clara

    Oh Jess! I’m so honored you even mentioned me! I just realized we’re coming up on about a year of knowing each other… so thankful to have you in my life. Here’s to a great 2013!! xx

  2. Daliene

    This is a lovely letter. Thank you for sharing. I need to copy and paste a few of those lines for myself. 🙂 Happy New Year

  3. Jess,
    Thank you so much for sharing your letter. It was honest, loving and peaceful. It is a great example of how to be open, honest and humble to myself and others. This was a wonderful thing to read starting the new year and it helped me with my perspective of my own future in 2013 🙂 thank you, Jess! –Jen

  4. Brooke

    Beautiful letter Jess! Thank you for sharing! Thanks to you I began this New Years tradition last year and just finished my 2013 letter. It was really interesting & neat to see not only the accomplishments fulfilled but also the shift of what has become truly important from one year to the next. Thank you for enlightening me to this form of self reflection & goal setting and for sharing such a positive & meaningful perspective on life.

  5. Marguerite

    Thanks, Jess. Just wrote a first draft of mine (also done in past tense). Finding it important to talk both about mindsets and actions. This will be the first time it isn’t just a big list.

  6. Kate

    What a beautiful letter, it echoes many things that I have been thinking lately. There seems to be a real shift from ‘what can I get’ to ‘who can I help’. I’m looking forward to following your blog in 2013. Wishing you a really great year! Kate x

  7. Sue Jakeman

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages now, and never comment, I don’t know why. Today your letter to your future self resonated with me so much, you’ve inspired me to write one as well. I struggle with my business, it’s really just a part time hobby, not a business, but I want to make it so much more….this is year is going to be the year that I concentrate on that…..thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Natasha

    I have been a blog reader (/lurker) for a while but this is the first time I’ve commented. I love the future letter idea and I wrote one myself this year! Thanks for sharing yours publicly (I was not brave enough to do that). I also like that your letter this year is not as “metrics-focused.” Happy New Year!

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