my apartment: living room and kitchen

Though I’ve shown some pictures of my apartment in the past (photographed by yours truly), my friend and photographer Becki Schleis asked to take some photos for her portfolio. And boy, is she a wonder woman! Not only are the pictures beautiful, but she has the uncanny ability to make my apartment look 100 times larger than it is. Enjoy!

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  1. Nora

    Wow, what a nice apartment. What city do you live in. Love your natural accessories.. Charming.

  2. Krista

    Your apartment looks great! I couldn’t help but notice the tiny birds nest in some of the pictures–I feel like I rember being with you when you bought it on one of our AA shopping trips. We need to catch up sometime!

  3. I love the glass jars and containers – every last one of them. Oh, and the little bird. I have a bird, thing, too. Awesomeness!

  4. susan

    i love that you aren’t afraid to embrace ikea for basics ūüôā i remember you showing off that boot umbrella holder. so cute to see it in use! i love seeing how simple and pared down your life looks! great work!

  5. Kelley

    Holy moly, your apartment is gorgeous. I totally envy your hardwood floors and gigantic windows. I can’t imagine what an apartment like that would cost here in the CA Bay Area.

    Is your apartment always so neat and tidy?

  6. Wow, lovely photos! May I ask where you got whatever the dining table centerpiece is sitting on?

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