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I hope you had a very merry little Christmas or Hanukkah! With any luck, I have been in deep relaxation mode after the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks. I’m happy to say that I survived the week before my trip to Philly with a cheerful outlook (barring some tears from exhaustion on Thursday morning).

The Nate Show was an amazing time! I can’t wait to share the segment with you here on MML. They expect that the show to air in mid-February, so I’ll keep you posted. I will also say right away that it is not about MML or Jess LC, so that makes the secret a little less mysterious. Overall, I think it went really well! It definitely was an out of body experience and I’d love to have more opportunities to do things like this in the future.

Now that I finally have some time away from the studio, I am also playing with my new little toy (a Cannon Rebel T3). I have never done much photography, but I’m excited to learn and see if I pick it up as a new hobby. I know that it will be a great investment for MML and Jess LC, but I’m hoping it pays off for me personally as well. One of my intentions in 2012 is to continue to learn outside of my purpose and career. And though the photography skills will definitely translate to my company, it could be a rewarding personal hobby, too.

Any resources for a DSLR newbie I should check out?

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  1. Jessica Hannon

    Merry Christmas! Congrats on the new toy! A great blog to check out is I think you’ll really enjoy their posts. 🙂 ~ Jess

  2. Nikell

    Merry CHRISTmas!!
    My husband does photography. I’ve learned from watching him that lighting is important. You can get really good flashes, tripods etc. from Ebay. I look forward to seeing the show as well as some nice photos.

  3. Mallory

    I have the same camera, and it’s my first DSLR too (well, other than occasionally borrowing my boyfriend’s)! I got it back in August. Are you familiar with Digital Photography School? There’s a lot of good info there:

    I’ve just been trying to make a habit of using my camera more often now, trying to take it with me places more often. I figure the best way to learn is through experience, right?

  4. Hope

    Hey :}

    found this 31 day bloggers site a few weeks back , its pretty good for a dslr noobie to learn the basics of dslr photography and terms in a simple and easy to understand manner.


    p.s. first time posting my mml. i love your site and your intentional living! and your ben franklin jewelry series :}

  5. Happy Holidays Jess! I don’t have any dslr tips because I am still hoping to get one.. Maybe check out pinterest? I know there are tons of sources on there.

  6. Kate

    How fun! I got a DSLR for my birthday and I love it- I have the Rebel T2i. Digital Photography School is helpful and I have also found some great tutorials on Pinterest. Enjoy! Can’t wait to see your photos!

  7. Kate

    I feel you on the tears from exhaustion. I think that’s the only way I can cope some times. Glad to know I’m not alone 🙂

  8. kelsey

    Eric’s first suggestion for the camera is to read the manual from cover to cover. And then to read a book about your specific camera to learn more. Have fun!!!

  9. Anja

    great camera you got there!! Merry Christmas first of all and enjoy taking lots of photos. Can’t wait to see some photography of yours, maybe on the blog??!

    Have a happy new Year as well!!

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