my eulogy

Jessica was an incredible person. She was kind, full of integrity, and helped people worldwide live a life with intention. She took ordinary circumstances and turned them into something world changing. She created a sense of power, love, and intention that has shaped and reshaped the lives of women across the globe.

Her outgoing, friendly, and collaborative attitude is living through the centers she founded nationwide and online. Women are teaching other women about their experiences.

Jessica started a jewelry business at the age of 15 and grew it until the age of 30 and handed it over to another passionate owner/manager. She helped people along the way blogging, speaking, and writing. She had numerous coaching opportunities and created dozens of centers that helped women one-on-one with “life with intention” courses on a variety of topics including business, home, life, thinking, and more. She also taught classes online and later created a vacation center where people could fly and partake in intensive classes.

She lived in Chicago for many years and eventually moved to California. She married in her late twenties/early thirties. She had a fantastic, supportive, and encouraging marriage. She was a mom of two children and loved having Westies in her life. She was a runner and yoga enthusiast. She adored decorating her homes and was creative, but was not an accomplished cook.

She was a deeply spiritual person and attributed her success to the pursuit of her role on Earth. She began teaching, speaking, and writing full-time in 2014.

She has been abundantly blessed in her life and donated 10% of her profits to causes worldwide. She eventually founded a scholarship program for people to take MML classes for free and helped women in shelters design their lives with intention.

Jessica loved speaking – one-on-one and in large groups – she shared her wisdom from her own experiences and let that speak for itself.

She was a curious, introspective, and goofy woman who never “slowed down.” She had an innate knowledge of her self worth and recognized the same unlimited potential in each person she met.

The Back-story

Wow. Okay, putting that all out there is kind of like standing naked on a platform. But I decided to share the eulogy I wrote while in New York a few weeks ago to do two things: the first is to inspire you to do the same for your own life, and the second is to share what I really am all about. To help you really get to know me. The idea to write the eulogy came from The E Myth Revisited, which I was reading while in NYC. It is also something that The Seven Habits speaks about in Habit 2 as well. And though I did a great deal of thinking about it while reading The Seven Habits, I had never taken the time to actually pen it out.

As you know, I’m all about writing a yearly intention letter, but writing about my whole life? That took some guts and the courage to be proven wrong. Sure, I might not accomplish all of what I just laid out there. It’s sweeping in magnitude, rambles, and doesn’t accurately portray my overall sense of my life (there is way more focus on my career legacy than my personal/family life – which will obviously play a larger role; I just don’t know what it will look like just yet). But the point is that it brought out things within my soul that I didn’t know where there.

While writing the eulogy, I finally figured out when I will be focusing on MML related activities full-time. By the time I’m 30 (four years from now), my goal is to hand over Jess LC to another manager and/or owner. I’ve known that my ultimate legacy is not jewelry, but I’ve never set a date for when my life would begin to be devoted to my purpose full-time. Now I have a target to shoot for, a point to prepare for.

I also realized that there are so many, many ways that I can fulfill my purpose. I can have locations across the country, I can have a vacation center for intensives, I can have classes online. I can teach one-on-one with business coaching, I can speak, and I can write. And though I may not do them all, I have the opportunity to try any one of those avenues. But the best part is that I’m now thinking about them, playing with them in my mind, waiting to see which one is the right “fit” for me.

So now I encourage you to do the same, take some time to actually write about what you want to do, how you want to live, and what you want to be like. You might discover something deeply important and life-changing. I know I did.

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  1. Wow – very inspiring, Jess! I can only imagine how difficult that must have been to put this out there… but I’m sure it will really make an impression on people! And help many of us! Thank you for that.

    I wish you all the best as you work toward all you want to achieve! I can’t wait to be a part of it as your friend.


  2. Erin

    Hey Jess – I love the eulogy. Thanks for sharing. I went on a retreat this weekend and did a similar excercise where I wrote a letter from my 80-year-old self to my self now. I chose to post it earlier in the week and I am with you for feeling naked on a platform, but it just seemed like it was important to put it out there too. Thanks for being brave!

  3. I loved reading this and your growing vision of the future. I finished The E Myth Revisited about the same time – while I didn’t do the eulogy exercise, I have been doing a lot of big-picture future thinking. It’s amazing the kinds of things you can discover. For instance, I’ve been feeling fancy for having international e-decorating clients, but in my future ‘vision’ I want to be really connected to my community and do local (Western Washington) work. It’s been a big-dream filled couple of weeks but I’m not quite brave enough to share them on the blog just yet!

  4. Jess, this is really beautiful. Bravo to you for doing this and for having the courage to share it with the world. There really is so much power in getting your dreams out of your head and into real life!

  5. Thank you for this post!

    I desperately need to do this exercise, bt I am really resisting to actually doing it because I know that my job has absolutely nothing to do with anything I actually care about.

    I think I’ll need to give myself permission not to have to make drastic changes right off the bat. But let’s face it, not knowing what you want is a pretty good excuse for not going after it.

  6. Piper

    Wow, Jess this is beautiful and very brave of you to do. It’s hard to write something like that let alone put it out there. I’ve been meaning to do the same – thanks for inspiring me to put pen to paper!

  7. rachel

    This is such a fantastic idea! You have inspired me to do the same…also I just realised we are the same age, I have started using “30” as my cut-off year to have achieved a few things, it’s good motivation…
    Your dreams are amazing, I wish you every success in them (the ones you’ve written, the ones you haven’t, the ones you don’t even know about yet!)
    I am going to go ponder my own eulogy now…(if that isn’t too morbid…? lol) Have a great evening xx

  8. Brandi

    Jess, this is incredible. I remember reading about this in both of those books, but I read them just after my grandmother passed away and I don’t think I was really ready to write a eulogy for myself at that time. I don’t even know if I’m ready now, but I’m going to give it a try. There’s still so much thinking I need to do about what I want my legacy to be, but I do know I want to be known as someone with a warm heart, as a loyal friend, and as someone who always supported others. That’s a beginning, right?

  9. Kelly

    excellent idea!!!! so inspirational. thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Heather

    This post is full of courage and what sounds like a beautiful vision.. Thanks for sharing your bravery with us and for the idea to do this as well

  11. Julieann/CreateGirl

    wow Jess this is incredible! Thank you for making yourself so vulnerable and for sharing this with all of us. I am at an interesting (all GOOD)cross road in my own life and I think this might just help me focus and realize what I really want! Thanks and I can’t wait to follow you as all of these events become your reality.

  12. Alexa

    Yet another post that strikes a chord with me. I really believe that you’ll have a wonderful, positive impact with your message Jess and that more people need to be aware of it. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us readers here on your blog! And I believe you will definitely continue to be a personal inspiration ūüôā

  13. Licia Berlinck

    Wow! Five years have past! I hope you are living your Eulogy! You wanted to inspire others with your Eulogy–You inspired me! Many blessings to you!

    1. Thank you so much, Licia, for pointing this post out again! It is so fun to look back on it and see how much has come true and what I’ve updated since then. : ) Many blessings to you, too!

      1. Licia Berlinck

        Only Today, April 8th, 2016, I see your reply! Thank you!

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