my first tv interview

Good morning! First, I want to mention that DESIGN YOUR LIFE will be back next week with one of my personal business heroes.

Today I have a pretty exciting piece to share: my first official television interview! Sure, its for a very local show, sure I say the word “absolutely” 26 times, and sure there is an interesting caller in the middle of the segment. But even with all of those things, I’m darn proud of this video.

To give you a heads up, I talk about how I grew the jewelry business, why I started the blog and how it’s improved Jess LC, and my favorite quote. (Personally, my favorite parts are in the last ten minutes.)

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  1. Love the interview! I visited with a SCORE counselor last year, and it was a great experience. I didn’t realize they continued working with you once your business was off-the-ground — love how you use your counselor as a “board.”

  2. Jess, this was some great insight into how you built and run your business. I personally love that you were able to create the life you imagined. I think we all dream of doing so.

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