my guru is a five year old

Sorry for the delay on the post. This morning Danielle and I were shooting the next lookbook for the new Jess LC collection debuting next week. The shoot is a bit different this time compared to past lookbooks due to the nature of the products, so I can’t wait to reveal the collection!

Now it’s time to talk about my new little inspirational guru. Though there are many ideas out there on ways to give thanks from blessing books to grace at mealtime, Jessica’s methods (shown below) have far and away been most joyful and gratitude inducing for me.

I first revisited this video as Mr. Lively started mimicking her gratitude for things in our own lives and over the past week or so (including the fist pumps) and it’s become a running joke as well as a positive way to talk about good things in our lives.

Today on my morning run, I started to (silently) use her singsong style to give thanks for things in my own life. And you know what? It actually got me smiling grinning. I found this little tactic actually helped brighten my mood more than any other gratitude method before. And I wasn’t in a negative mood when I started, but the silent singing took me from happy to practically ecstatic.

Try it. It is certainly silly, but I think that’s half the magic.

And… Thanks to Adore Magazine!

Also, one of my things to be thankful for is a recent feature in Adore Magazine’s new issue! Thank you so much Rebecca for the wonderful shout out for our new Quincy Coin Purses.

PS – We got the gold/fuchsia and eggplant/fuchsia back in stock!

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  1. Love this video… it’s a favorite among my family ūüôā Great meeting you on Tuesday – thanks again for planning the Q&A/workshop!

  2. Nikell

    That video was hilarious!! I loved it! I’ll be smiling for the rest of the day. Kids always seem to teach us grown ups lessons. Thank you for sharing that ^_^

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