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As I write this I realize how surreal this is for me: yesterday my apartment was added to Apartment Therapy’s House Tours. Four years ago when I first moved to a not-so-great studio apartment, I discovered AT and their amazing house tours. This was years before I read any blogs and I was amazed and inspired by the apartments they featured. In fact, last year when creating a vision for my own space, I used Summer Thornton’s AT House Tour as a huge source of inspiration for my home.

So to be now featured on the site is a dream come true. If my 22 year-old self could know that I would be featured at 27 with the apartment that I have, I’m sure I’d keel right over. And when I think about the journey that has led me here, I think the biggest thing that I did “right” was to treat that tiny little apartment I once had as if it was the apartment that I have right now. I cleaned, primped, and acted as though that little dinky room was a castle. And I continued to treat my other apartments with the same respect and care. Come to think of it, I also did the same with my business. Even when times were slow in the beginning, I did my best to treat each order and customer as though I was already in the bigger business that I wanted. I think with this kind of respect and appreciation for the things we do have, we prepare and make room for the larger things to come.

Since the Rue shoot last year, a few things have changed in my home and the AT House Tour captured nooks and angles that the previous feature didn’t. So feel free to take a peek.

My current rug (Rug USA), updated from the sea foam green one seen in the Rue shoot. I like this one much better. I think the dark gray really grounds the other, brighter prints and hues in the space and makes the couch seem less bland.

A great shot of how I made my TV work within the awesome and newly discontinued : ( Ikea Lack bookshelves.

My mini bar I’ve been curating over the past year or so with a chevron decanter from Cathy. Love those blue straws found on Etsy.

A great view of the dresser layout with those sorta-famous DIY chevron canvases.

Thank you so much Jason and AT team for shooting and featuring my home! Hop over to see the full house tour!

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  1. Cathy

    I saw the blurb on FB yesterday! John saw it too. Last night he says something along the lines of, “I saw on FB that Jess’s apartment was featured on some cool home website.” And I love that they shot a close up of the decanter and mini bar 🙂

  2. Helena

    Congrats, lady! That is so exciting and you should totally be proud! I’d LOVE for my home to be featured (someday!). I think one thing you did very right (that I plan to mimic going forward) is being very concious of the plan. I think when I first moved to the city (my first “grown up” apartment) I was so anxious to get it furnished that I didn’t pay as much attention to how things fit together in the big picture.

  3. Helena

    On the house tour, picture 10 – did you make a pillow out of Jess LC scarves? It looks like that is what’s sitting on the chair. If so, very clever!

  4. Alyssa

    Wow, congrats! A feature in AT is the ultimate honor for anyone who loves interior design.

    I thought I recognized your apartment in other photos on the blog, and now I’m sure of it: I toured a unit in your building when I moved to Chicago a few months ago! It was actually one of the top 2 or 3 contenders, but I ended up renting a few blocks away.

  5. Congrats Jess! I saw the feature on AT today and wanted to pop over here to tell you how lovely your home is—your recognition is well deserved! You must be so excited 🙂

  6. Julia

    I was so excited to see your home on there! I recognized you {+your style} right away. What an amazing milestone!


  7. Kelley

    Congratulations! I’ve saved some of the photos of your apartment to my “inspiration” folder. 🙂 I hope that someday I’ll have a home as pretty and cheerful as yours.

  8. First Rue, now AT! So amazing! Love your bedroom curtains and is that a Jess LC pillow I spy at your desk? Way cool deck below too! Your home/studio is so cheery! You are going to be all over Pinterest!

  9. carolyn

    awesome, jess! such a darling space (and i spy a little tilly | maison action! looks awesome 🙂

  10. Tequila b

    OMg congrats! when i moved up the Chicago suburbs i was a apartment therapy junky, I’m so glad for you!

  11. Jessica S

    Your house and style aesthetic is amazing. Congrats on making AT! I am just considering starting a blog to chronicle my growth as a post-college young lady to a grown up. Many other successful women on the “blogesphere”, you included, have been an inspiration to me! Thank you

  12. Lexi

    Your home is gorgeous. I looked back in your blog and loved how refreshing your new white and light decor is compared to your previous set-up of darker shelving (which is what I have now too). Simply beautiful.

  13. congrats! i really love your space. did you leave some dividers or legs off those lack shelves/unit? it looks great!

  14. Jess

    Thank you all for such encouragement! I’m happy to hear you like the space!

    Helena and S.E.Minegar, good eye! We attempted pillows for the Belmont collection but they weren’t up to snuff for sale, so we may revisit the idea in the future. : )

    Carolyn, yep! I love her trays!

    Jessica S, that’s so awesome! Thank you for letting me know : ).

    Lexi, I so agree!

    Amber J, I got it SG Grand in Chicago.

    Kelsey, yep! The two tall shelves in the middle are stacked horizontally and I only used the middle divider and skipped the other two.

  15. Jenny

    Congratulations, it’s so exciting. Loved seeing your apartment – it’s so bright and cheery. Do I spy a pillow made out of one of your new scarves? Love that idea!

  16. Jadyn

    Wow, this is wonderful Jess! Way to go! And your home looks so warm, stylish and inviting!

  17. Mel

    Where did you get your sofa? I love it and am on the hunt for one. Thanks!

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    think you would look great in any old thing you would throw on 😉 Rent Flats Barcelona

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