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I haven’t been sharing much on the intentional style or exfoliating front lately because there hasn’t been too much to share that has been super exciting.

However, I have a new favorite bag that has quickly stolen my heart – and is fulfilling a few of my intentions (to purchase high quality items when possible, and give back in meaningful ways) at the same time.

I first came across Sseko in a Glitter Guide feature around the holidays.

I quickly became enamored not only with the tote design, but also with the social mission of the company (Ugandan women hand-make these bags to help pay for their college education).

In February, after my January shopping hiatus, I purchased my own tote and anxiously awaited it’s arrival. Because the high holiday demand had wiped their inventory clean, it just arrived a week ago.

But boy was it worth the wait.




Since I was a bag designer myself in a past life, I have high expectations for quality and leather.

And this Sseko tote is no joke. It’s reasonably priced – especially compared to other large leather totes from high end designers – and has great interior pockets for all my items, including a sleeve for a 15″ laptop.




And the best part? It happens to have interchangeable details. So when I tire of my gold herringbone beads, I can swap them out for a pretty bow (among other options).




Overall, it just feels nice to know that, like Tomsdoing good can look good.




Though I couldn’t get a great photo with the DSLR, she also looks pretty snazzy on our new “Lively” hook as well.

{No compensation here. This is my own personal review because I love this bag so freaking much.}


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  1. Pia Bineau

    Hey, Jess!

    Thanks for the recommendation… I’ve been looking for the perfect leather handbag for quite some time now and I think that this is the one! The color of the leather is perfect and the cause that it supports couldn’t be better.

    All the best to you and your family!


  2. Jessica Haile

    Ohhh…I lust after this bag. I will dream about it. I don’t need it, but I want it. It’s the. perfect. leather.

    Pardon me while I wipe the drool from my desk.

  3. That bag is STUNNING. You’ve got me pinning and saving away for when I’m in need of something like this. Really like the social mission aspect, too.

  4. Maureen

    I love the color and the gorgeous detailing.
    Do you find it gets too heavy? I would worry that I would pack it full!

    1. Personally no, haven’t found that out. But if you put really heavy things in it, the size is large, so that could feel heavy completely stuffed. : )

  5. Niki@Bloom

    Hi Jess, Thank you for the review! Wondering how your bag has held up? I want one but am concerned about longevity and how the strap has held up with the weight of every day use. Thoughts? Thanks again!

    1. It has been wonderful! I regularly use it for my laptop and pack it in and those straps aren’t going anywhere! 100% recommend.

      The only little warning I’d say is that the interior pockets probably shouldn’t be loaded down with stuff, but that’s my only warning.

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