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Oh man. Earlier today I mentioned that I made a new vision for my career yesterday. When writing the post, I debated about sharing my actual vision. Since it would have made the post extremely long, I decided against it.

But that’s not the whole story.

Deep down, I also felt a bit scared of putting my new dream out there. Just like that dream of being naked on stage, sharing my dream means that I am putting it up to be judged. And I really didn’t want anyone to think what I want to do is “too much,” “not good enough,” or simply not what they think I should do.

However, I am going to put it out there anyways. Regardless of what anyone thinks of it, I hope that by sharing my new vision it might help others think more deeply about their own vision, contribution, and legacy.

My new vision for my career

When I think about what I really, really, really want my career life to be like, I see myself spending much of my time devoted to MML and coaching my Business with Intention and Life with Intention clients. Each week I’d like to have 4-5 calls with these clients. I’d also like to spend my mornings devoted to sharing the message of designing a life with intention on MML. These things give me the most joy, clarity of purpose, and meaning.

I see myself running Jess LC as well. But I now also see that since this is not as directly related to my purpose, I can make it more purposeful by taking in an intern and teaching her the ropes to running a small business. If running a small business is her dream, I can share with her three days a week how to make it a reality by helping her run the managerial aspects of Jess LC. I’ll show her the ropes of product development, shipping, order processing, customer service, and design. By teaching these aspects to her, I can have more time to spend on the MML and coaching related activities.

I still want to continue to be the designer, production manager, marketer, and head of Jess LC. These are the things that I love and need to do to ensure the brand stays strong and true to my vision. I also want to continue to create new products in different lifestyle categories including home goods. I want to continue to find new ways to design products with intention that bring joy, beauty, and usefulness to my customers. I also adore doing artist collaborations and want to find more cool companies to work with.

During my day I want to have time for my future puppy to play with her and take her for short walks. I also want to continue to work from home. It makes me so happy to have such a short commute, beautiful surroundings, and everything at my fingertips.

In addition to all of these things, I’d also like to continue doing Business in the City events monthly at Next Door. I love this monthly meeting more each time. Also, I’d like to create a one day workshop to share my business knowledge with women in a group setting. I want there to be many special elements to these events including gift bags, great treats, and a beautiful space. I also can see this workshop going on the road and being held in different parts of the country while I stay with blog friends.

All in all, I want to continue to grow Jess LC with the help of an assistant who is learning the way to run her own business as well as spend as much time and energy on helping people increase their intentions in their lives and businesses.

So there you have it, my new vision that I will be working toward each day.

You know what? It wasn’t that hard to share after all.

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  1. maria

    THIS is exactly what we were discussing at a business meeting this morning (group of independent, creative biz owners who get together to encourage each other about once a month, provide insight, etc). We all just realized that we’re growing and developing our businesses/careers into something that has more purpose, more intention (as you say), more defined. It may not be what we initially set out to do, but it’s an evolution. One thing leads to the next. Writing it out is such a great idea. Thank you for sharing your new vision. I think I’ll try to put something together that defines mine a little more.

  2. Thank you for writing this. I need to put my vision down on paper. It is scary sharing it with the world – there will be people that judge, there will be people that praise…but the bottom line is YOU need to be comfortable with your vision – because it’s YOURS and not anyone elses. Great job!! You’re super duper inspiring!!

  3. Joanna

    You go girl! Thanks for sharing your new vision. It’s so inspiring!

    I’d love to attend one of your workshops. Happy to help plan an on-the-road one in Washington, DC!

  4. I’m glad you decided to share! I’m studying interior design (as a second career) and have often struggled the larger purpose of my new choice, especially since my first career as an engineer left me unfulfilled. One night I had the epiphany that if I had a small business as a designer which employed junior designers, one part of my purpose would be to give other young designers a chance at a creative career as well.

  5. Today I shared my goals on my blog so I understand that fear before clicking “publish” but I hope you feel great about it because you are motivating by example!… Your vision is very inspiring and I love your helping approach… thanks for sharing!

  6. You vision is inspiring and it gives your fan more glimpse into the wonderful person that you are.
    I was looking over my vision today, and just the idea of sharing it makes me (what is the word?)…cringe. It is a brave thing to do and I can see how it would have be hard to share it since I’m not ready to share mine. Scared shitless actually.

    You are going places and step by step you will get there. All the best.

  7. Jacki

    Thank you for sharing this, Jess! So glad to have found your site. You inspire me daily. I need to put my vision down on paper and stop living in fear and just make it happen. HOW is the eternal question but I have to start taking action instead of just worrying!

  8. Katie

    Thank you for sharing your vision! I think that by putting it out there, you’ll have a great jumping off point to work towards. The hard part is writing it down, refining and sharing it, now go live it! Good Luck! 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing your vision. I can absolutely see you turning it into reality. This post has inspired me to write down my own vision. Slowly saving my pennies for a biz consultation with you 🙂

  10. Carisa

    Jess, this is such an inspiring post!! It takes a lot of guts to put it all out there for everyone to see. It makes us feel vulnerable to do this, but at the same time, it really solidifies your intentions and feelings about your vision. I’m going thru the same thing right now, putting my own business together and finalizing all my thoughts. I’m planning on attending your Business in the City event this month and I’m super excited about it! I am SO looking forward to watching your business and vision grow!

  11. When you mentioned that you had a new vision for your career in your earlier post, I suspected this was it. You are truly gifted at sharing your message about living a life with intention and motivating women with big dreams. I say go after it! I know how scary it can be to share your big career dreams, and you should recognize this as a big first step toward your new vision. I have quite a bit of experience in event planning, so if you’d ever like some help launching that one day workshop, let me know!

  12. Putting things down in writing makes them so much more real sometimes! Be sure to share when you start that intern hunt!

  13. CB

    I only wish I lived closer so I could attend your workshops! This vision sounds just like you. 🙂

  14. rose

    wow, love it and admire the way you have and continue to, share your passions and motivations. best wishes for the continuing adventure!

  15. Carol in Mpls

    Great moves forward in a really meaningful way. I have a reading recommendation for you – the author is Richard Leider, he lives here in the Twin Cities, and has written several books that you might find very relevant in this move to purpose. This has been his career focus, long before others saw the benefits and possibilities that a purpose-driven life can offer. He tells wonderful stories about others who have gone through really remarkable transitions and what they learned from the process. I think you’d enjoy him. Good luck on your next journey!

  16. I’m just catching up on some blogs and finally got to see this. It is so inspiring when others claim their aspirations and visions, so thank you for sharing this despite how scary it might have been for you. For the last two years people have been asking me what I want to do after college (because I switched my major from Theater after studying acting for about 8 years) and I always pretended like I didn’t know because I was too nervous to say what I wanted for myself. I’ve made it my goal to get over that this year, and so far, I’m doing much better. People like you definitely help make it easier. Good luck on your continuous journey, I can’t wait to see where it takes you 🙂

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