my pilosophy on entrepreneurship

Funny how things pop up in your life right as you make certain realizations in your mind. I’m noticing that a lot lately. Today I stumbled across a passage in a post by The Pioneer Woman whose husband (a cattle rancher) pretty much sums up all I’ve learned about self-employment over the past three years full-time:

… how does it feel to live in an ocean where the waves that carry you along are the markets, the weather, and other factors that are beyond your control?

That’s just part of it.

Part of what?

Part of agriculture. Part of life. It’s actually kind of liberating at a certain point—you do the best you can with what you can control, and you pray about what you can’t control. And you have faith that it’ll all work out in the end.


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  1. Diane

    haha, totally loved that too. love everything about her and marlboro man 😉

  2. Jill

    That’s so crazy… I just read that (before coming here) and thought – “that is great… I should write that down”! Truly a great motto to have!

  3. Jadyn

    Love this! I copied and pasted it into my inspirational quotes file. Thanks for sharing Jess!

  4. Erin

    Hah!! I was just telling my husband that this is my current philosophy on packing! Moving into new homes in Internshipville AND Workville, at the same time, a thousand miles away in different states – is a bit exhausting. I’m going to make some wrong decisions. I’m going to send a rug to Internshipville that would look better in Workville. I’m going to end up with too many lamps in one place and not enough in the other. Do we split up the camping gear – what if i send it to one place and we want to go camping in the other…. And then it hit me – I need to get comfortable with uncertainty, because none of these “wrong decisions” have consequences that will end my world. I just need to do my best and know that it will all work out.
    Your post brought much needed levity because I’m stressing about rugs! Rugs?!!

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