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Recently the crew at Bobbi Brown asked me to participate in a campaign to feature Pretty Powerful women from all walks of life. And though the obvious benefits – the ability to get and give a custom makeup palette to the person I chose and to a reader on MML was exciting, I really got on board when I thought of who I wanted to share as my inspiration.

You see, the pretty powerful woman I chose doesn’t really know me, and I don’t know her extremely well.

And she has no idea that I’m featuring her today.

But that doesn’t mean that she is not someone I deeply respect and cannot wait to share here on MML. A lot the time when I think about designing my life with intention I tend to focus on myself and what I want for my life. And though I do a good job thinking about contribution and giving back as well, this woman I want to bless has taken the “design your life” concept to a truly inspiring level.

My Pretty Powerful Woman – Casey Chappell

Casey Chappell, a talented photographer, wife, and mother of three from Fort Worth, Texas has a lot to be proud of and thankful for. She’s seen her share of hardship after losing her son Asher and has since adopted two children and is in the process of adopting two more from the Congo. So in just a short time she will be the mother of four babies under the age of three.

And she and her husband are doing this on a real-life budget. She has been raising money via Gift Baskets on her blog to help pay for the staggering medical and adoption costs.

She’s doing whatever she can to make a difference, and I think that is the most genuine power you can have. I also imagine with the hectic life she has, that this makeup might actually be a welcome treat that she can enjoy all for herself. Spending so much time thinking about her young ones must be exhausting while arranging for the new babies to arrive.

So Casey, here’s to you and your amazing journey! I can’t wait to send you a little surprise thanks to the Pretty Powerful campaign.

To see and vote for the Pretty Powerful women that Bobbi Brown is featuring, hop over here.

And now it’s time to share how you can win your own Bobbi Brown palette…

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Giveaway

So again, as stated above, this giveaway is taking place over on Twitter. You can find me at @JessConstable and please remember to use the hashtag #prettypowerful. I’ll be announcing the winner via Twitter on October 19th.

Second and third photos source, Casey Chappell

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  1. Liz

    Jess, I just spent 20 minutes reading through Casey’s amazing journey and I can’t imagine a more powerful person! What a lovely way to show support and let her know that her story makes a difference in someone else’s life.

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