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Good afternoon! I made an announcement on Spring today that I’d like to share here on MML, too.

Feel free to watch the video. The decision I have made was certainly not easy. But Carolyn, Michelle, and Jess have been so amazing and understanding throughout my journey. I wish Spring loads and loads of successes in the future and hope you continue to watch their amazing conversations.

I’m also excited to take on the new role as Spring Ambassador!

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  1. Katie

    the whole time i’m watching this video, i kept thinking how beautiful you are. seriously. just had to tell you. xo.

  2. Leana


    I am sure this wasn’t easy to share, but your honesty and openness is refreshing. I can relate to that feeling where your heart and your gut are conflicted. Following your intuition and being honest with yourself is definitely the right path to choose. I look forward to following your success and exciting new happenings through your blog!

  3. Eva

    Wow, I imagine this was extremely hard, but you handled it so well! Thanks for sharing this with us, I really like what you said having faith that your gut/spirit knows what’s best, I completely agree but it’s so hard to let go and follow your intuition. High 5 to u!

    BTW…did I spot new earrings???

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