my upper limit problem


Confession: the last two nights I have woken up at 3:00 or 5:00 am worried and stressed out. I toss and turn for a few hours, start feeling anxious, and wake up in the morning only to try to shake off the yucky feelings and begin the day tired.

And for a while I was suspecting “something must not be right in my life.”

But after thinking it over a bit more, I think I might be experiencing an Upper Limit problem.

You see, over the past few days, weeks, and months, things have been going really well.

Like whoa, that just happened?!?! Well.

Mr. Lively and I are doing great and looking forward to the steps ahead of us. After the announcement of the BwI Workshops, Jess LC has hit a new level and my consulting clients are doing great. Our upcoming Jess LC product launch is going smoothly and looks adorable. I’m pushing myself to new levels with the workshop and feeling more “on purpose” than ever with MML. Heck, I even lost weight and am now three tiny pounds away from my goal weight while not trying (I had craft beers, half a burger and fries last night!).

Sure, there have been some setbacks along the way, but not nearly as great as the progress forward.

Then came this week and our apartment hunt.

On a whim, I contacted a building Mr. Lively liked, which then led me to an amazing and helpful lady, Alexis. She gave me the scoop about the apartment building as well as an even nicer one in their community just down the street from me.

Then, she went on to say that next door to the super nice building, they are now completely renovating a three story walk up from start to finish. And that the units were open for leasing, though they wouldn’t be ready until the fall.

At first this renovated building seemed untimely because we were looking to move when Mr. Lively’s lease was up in July. But since my apartment hadn’t been subletted yet and we hadn’t found a breeder for our future Westie puppy yet, we are able to stay put in my apartment until the new building is ready.

And not only was this new building going to be new, it was going to have almost everything we wanted on our wish list (private balcony, large kitchen, gas stove, in unit washer/dryer, space for Jess LC, and central air). You freaking name it, it seems to be in this unit.

Except for square footage.

There we were a bit wary on whether we could make it work. The unit we were looking at in our price range is 890 square feet. Which is a bit larger than my 725 square foot apartment now, but may not grow with us, Jess LC, and a new puppy very well.

However, yesterday when we went to get more information and give Mr. Lively the tour of the big fancy apartment building next door (we are allowed to access to their insanely nice amenities while living in the new building next door), we found out something new.

Instead of our proposed rent being for the unit you see above on the left, it is actually for the one on the right.

Holy crapballs.

1250 square feet of awesomeness for us to live in at less than what we each are paying combined right now. 

Insane. Simply insane.

As you can imagine, like many people, my home is one of the most important things to me outside of friends, family, and meaning. I live and work in my home often for what seems like every moment of the week. And I love that fact.

So to get a place that seems like a palace, have an amazing and sweet boyfriend, growing my business and purpose to new heights, and have lost weight without even trying, I don’t think I’m able to accept that it’s happening.

Instead, I’ve been waking up and worrying about stupid, tiny things like “is the apartment living room 15′ wide or just 12′ or 13′ wide?” “Why don’t I feel like Mr. Lively ‘completes’ me?” “What if this apartment deal somehow doesn’t turn out?”

Even writing it out, I can sense the ridiculousness of it all. Yet the pit in my stomach remains.

So this morning I looked up a post I remembered reading a while back by Marie Forleo which talks about her own Upper Limit problem and how she experienced similar discomfort during a time of prosperity.

Immediately after re-reading the post, I started to relax a bit.

I honestly think I’m having trouble accepting that all of this good stuff has happened to me.

I’m more used to struggling, pushing, striving, and falling just short of what I want. I’m used to sacrificing and stressing over money, my body, my relationship.

And I think I need to work on accepting that I might be in a new phase of my life which is different from my past.

Though I know there will always be challenges on my journey, I may have reached some new level of success I’m not yet comfortable with.

And that is okay. I can take things one moment at a time and push through this Upper Limit problem. I can learn to accept and bask in the gratitude that I wish to have for it all. Rather than making up things to feel stressed about just so I feel more “comfortable.”

I never thought I’d feel stressed with such blessings, but I think it’s good to be open about this in case it helps anyone else who feels this way too.


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  1. Joanna

    Good for you, Jess! You deserve all of these wonderful things and you deserve to feel comfortable with them. I hope you can start to relax in the joy and success of it all and continue to do so! Because I think you have a lot more of these things coming your way in the future…

  2. Oh, I understand this so well! My husband has two great job offers, we get to move into a bigger/nicer apartment, I can devote more time to my dream career… and I still find something to stress about. #firstworldproblems

  3. Blair

    Jess, I’ve had a similar situation! It was like I was waiting for something bad to happen and I was worried about it. But the best thing to do is enjoy for what it is! Sounds wonderful and I’m sure the new apartment will be awesome!


  4. karlita

    When God created the first couple on earth, He gave them a paradise, no worries, no working for food or clothes, nothing… the garden was full of “good trees” all of them for them to eat and there was only ONE “bad tree”.. they didnt care about it until the serpent made eve focus her attention on the only bad tree… “why can’t i have that one?”… until she fell… focusing on what we don’t have is an action that will always put us apart from God, the aim of it is to discourage us and stop believing.
    I just read this 2 days ago and I want to remember it every time I start focusing on what I don’t seem to have… and just be grateful for all the gifts I am given…
    Your good actions have been rewarded, accept them with joy and be grateful for the moment, for you don’t know what will come later, that worry could be given to God.

  5. Tab

    “Why don’t I feel like Mr. Lively ‘completes’ me?”
    You are complete all on your

  6. Tab

    “Why don’t I feel like Mr. Lively ‘completes’ me?”
    You are complete all on your own.

  7. Jess

    Thank you so much, ladies! I’m happy to hear I’m not alone in the Upper Limit problem thing, I think we all might feel it to some degree.

    Tab, I totally agree with you and “know” in my spirit that that is so true. But I was being honest by sharing that sometimes my ego likes to trip me up on that one since it’s such a prevalent idea in how “romance” is portrayed in society (ie: movies, songs, etc). I’m working on knocking that ego-thought out of my mind when it pops up.

  8. Carisa

    Love Marie Forleo!! She tells it like it is! 😉 This is really like what we were talking about the other night…things happen when they’re supposed to. I bet you also have a permanent smile on your face these days too. I’ve been there, and it’s an amazing feeling. Don’t question it…enjoy it in the moment while it’s here. Love that.

  9. thank you thank you thank you for this post. i have been having the same problem: i just got a brand new job with an amazing organization that is double my current salary and has huge potential for growth; we will be moving into a much bigger apartment that is NEXT DOOR to our current one for only $100/month more this summer, i have an amazing boyfriend that loves and supports me and cooks me dinner every night, and i am so blessed to enjoy close friendships with like-minded ladies. so why am i not sleeping? why am i not celebrating? i keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, like all of this great life stuff can’t be happening without something catastrophic to balance it out.

    the upper limit: i didn’t even know that was a thing until today, and i am so happy to know it’s not just me!

  10. Kristen

    Breeders are so, so bad. Could you please consider rescue!?

    Congrats on all the happiness!

  11. Jess

    Thanks so much Kristen! I’ve actually been a rescue volunteer here in Chicago myself, so we definitely have given this a lot of thought. We are going to be working with the top breeders with good practices in the midwest, and in the future plan to rescue dogs as well! : )

  12. Hey This is great news! Though I totally relate to the feelings accompanying it.

    I wanted to mention regarding your new puppy you might want to look into Breed Rescue groups? You can find them through the AKC site. My aunt and uncle bred Boxers for years, so I know not all breeders are “bad.” But I wanted to mention the individual breed rescue groups just in case you didn’t know they existed!

  13. Jess

    Gaia, thanks! We are actually also in touch with the westie rescue people as well! Thanks for the recommendation!

  14. Jess

    Gaia, thanks! We are actually also in touch with the westie rescue people as well! Thanks for the recommendation!

  15. SO excited for you and all the great things that have been coming into place lately Jess! You deserve it girl!!

  16. SO excited for you and all the great things that have been coming into place lately Jess! You deserve it girl!!

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