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Today I’m off to Alt Summit! Though things have been a bit of a whirlwind leading up to this trip, a few amazing opportunities presented themselves this week which leave me pumped for my return home (more on that later!).

Though I have no real idea of what to expect from this trip, I have my bags packed, I’m ready to co-teach my authenticity workshop with Ez on Saturday, and I’ve got some pretty new business cards to boot.

While I’m soaking in the design blogging world in Salt Lake City I thought I’d share a little pretty with you!

I was delighted when Meg and Katie asked me to share 16 things that I’d love to receive for Valentine’s Day for their To and From magazine.

Since I have been on a personal shopping hiatus for January this was both awesome and tempting. Check out my picks on page 61 along with the other amazing blogger Valentine’s Day suggestions. As you might expect, there is plenty of white and gold in my wish list.




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  1. Lauren Maxwell

    Thanks for getting me in the mood for V Day! 🙂 Have fun on your trip – wish I could be there so badly!

      1. Jess Lively

        Hi Ladies! Mr. Lively is my resident programmer and he’s tried to fix this issue for Firefox users in the past as well. Unfortunately we cannot replicate the issue (as in: it’s always showing up on our Macs no matter how many different versions we try… so he’s actually unclear as to how to fix the problem since he can’t see it. He’s promised to keep trying…

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