TLS#76: radical authenticity (& whether that means we may still feel scared at the same time) with Myleik Teele (curlbox founder)


Today’s Lively Show guest is Myleik Teele, someone I adore following – especially on Instagram – for her straight-shooting take on life and career.

Myleik Teele is the founder of, a popular subscription box service specializing in African American hair products, and the voice behind and the My Taught You podcast.

Myleik shares what she’s learned from being radically authentic, how she deals with fear, and what she’s learned throughout her journey in life, relationships, and business.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear an honest, inspiring journey or lean into their own authenticity in a greater way.









  • How Myleik had 1000 people interested in her new business overnight.
  • What lead to Myleik getting a DUI when she was starting her company and how she overcame the criticism she received because of it.
  • How she responds to people who may not like her brutal honesty on social media.
  • What it takes to it to the next level in your life, career and relationships.
  • Why Myleik took 15 vacations last year.
  • What she does to make time for reading every day.
  • The difficulties Myleik encountered when she started making making more money than most of her friends.
  • Why Myleik says that making more money didn’t make her happy.
  • Her daily organizational method for getting things done.
  • What Myleik would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




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  1. Seriously great episode!! I had to stop working and take notes. You are an incredible interviewer and Myleik is very inspiring!!

    1. It’s great to hear you enjoyed the episode so much and took notes on it as well. : ) I agree, Myleik is crazy inspiring.

  2. Abby

    This is my first time on your website and I really enjoyed your interview with Myleik! It was very clear and inspiring.

  3. Makiea

    Loved this one! It’s so funny because I’ve been following you (Jess) for some years now. Then my friend JUST introduced me to Myleik yesterday and then this podcast came out. So then I introduced my friend to you! I do not believe in coincidence but divine connections. I’m so inspired now I can hardly contain it! And I Love the diversification. I always wanted to see more women of color on your show!

    1. I love that these moments of divine connection happened for you so quickly right around the launch of this show! That’s awesome and I’m so glad you enjoyed Myleik on the show, she’s incredible. : )

  4. I’ve been loving listening to these interviews. It’s so inspiring to hear about the challenges and successes that other entrepreneurs face as we navigate this together! Thank you! 🙂

  5. RachelAN

    Two thumbs up for this episode. I love Myleik’s story- she’s so inspiring!

  6. Krissy Muntz

    I loved this episode and the blogcast’s summer plans are phenomenal! I cannot wait to hear what you have in store for us this June concerning money. This could not have come at a better time!!

    1. That’s so great to hear! Also, if you want more money conversations, you can also sort the Lively Show episodes by the topic of money if you go to and click the money topic button – there are about 4-5 episodes already that cover different aspects of $ that won’t be addressed this June. : )

  7. Meghan

    Love Myleik and I’m so glad to have found you through her. I am binge listening to your podcasts.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed getting to know Myleik and that you’re enjoying the other shows as well! : )

  8. I know, I’m so sorry about that! I’ve written Stitcher about this – I have no idea why it’s stopped working a few times over the past year. I’ll keep reaching out to them so it will hopefully be resolved soon.

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