TLS #140 Answering Questions about Life, Career Wins & Overcoming Limits with Myleik Teele (CurlBox & My Taught You)


Today’s Lively Show is the season 2 finale! We are speaking with the incomparable Myleik Teele, founder of CurlBox and

Myleik was a huge hit on Season 1 and in today’s episode we are both answering listener questions from Myleik’s podcast, My Taught You.

As you’ll hear, we each have slightly different approaches to life, and our conversation builds on one another’s perspectives in a way that is hopefully helpful and interesting. (And if you’d like to hear more episodes like this with Myleik [or other guests], please let me know!)

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in hearing two slightly different viewpoints and shared perspectives on several different topics in life, love, and career.









  • Myleik and Jess answer listener questions from Myleik’s podcast about life, relationships, wins, careers and more.

  • They talk about breakups in a relationship and share their insights on how to deal with breakups and ways to regain focus and move ahead.

  • They answer a question from a listener who needs to follow her intuition in order to find the career path that’s best for her.

  • Myleik talks about one listener’s issue to “edit” or adjust her group of friends and the ways to go about having those hard conversations with friends.

  • They talk about dealing with performance and mistakes in the workplace and how it can effect the longevity of one’s career.

  • Myleik talks about dating and careers and how it is important to find a balance that works.

  • She discusses how she incorporates a “work first” mentality into her current relationship and explains how it helps maintain their work values and fosters their personal connection together.

  • Myleik talks about limits and boundaries and how we need to overcome the limits to move ahead with our lives.




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  1. Gina Palha

    Oh, you are so inspiring Jess! I can’t wait to read your European adventures!
    This episode was amazing. Again! Thank you so much for sharing so much wisdom and life tips. I am in a place in finding who am I now (after some big professional transformations). Any books on this? Thank you again for all your kindness!

    1. Fun, Gina! I’m not sure I have the perfect book to recommend, but I’d suggest starting with my all-time favorite, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. : )

  2. I really liked listening to the two of you answer questions. SO interesting! Jess: Have an AMAZING time in Europe. I can’t wait to hear/see about your time here! Come to Italy <3

  3. Yohana Williams

    Thanks for another amazing episode Jess! soooo many take aways! I want to listen it again and take notes! Have a great time in Europe Ms. Carmen Sandiego

  4. encircled

    This was so real. I love it! Myleik is so inspiring. Going to go back + listen to her other episode on your podcast now!

  5. Sandra

    Very interesting, and I’ll listen to the other episodes. Very grateful to have found this podcast.

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