TLS #256: My Personal Questions Regarding Intuition, Channeling & Law of Attraction

Today on TLS, I’m doing something a bit different…

Instead of asking questions to guest or sharing answers to questions myself, I’m sharing with you the questions that I personally have about several topics we’ve spoken a lot about on TLS lately… intuition, channeling, inner beings, Law of Attraction.

I’m giving you the unanswered questions, why I’m not sure about the answers, plus some other explanations to parts of these topics I haven’t discussed on the show before.

This episode is perfect for anyone who loves intuition, channeling, and law of attraction, or, for anyone curious about the unanswered questions I have about these topics myself.  : )






  • What channelling is and what the differences are between channelling and intuition.

  • Jess talks about understanding the differences between her own personal intuition and “Joe.”

  • Jess questions and talks about the concept of an inner being versus a guide or similar entity.

  • Should we wait for direction and next steps from our guides or do we choose it on our own.

  • How alignment plays a big part in feeling good and allows us to flow in the present moment.

  • Can we ever get it wrong when it comes to writing to our intuition.

  • How can we open up our awareness to the inner being more during our daily lives.




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Abraham Hicks

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Flow with Intention

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Tim Ferriss

Writing to our Intuition

Dr Joe Dispenza





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