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So the new PBA of eating salads four times a week has been way easier to accomplish thanks to this bag of vegetable sunshine. It costs about $4.50 from Trader Joe’s and has three servings of baby spinach with dried cranberries, blue cheese, candied pecans, and raspberry vinaigrette (three lunches for just $1.50!*).

If anyone has been salad-phobic like I have the last year, this is the easy fail-safe way to get back in the habit. Now I’ve also graduated to making my own salads with the Trader Joe’s Cilantro Dressing and I can’t wait to try out the Poppy Seed flavor later this week.

Salad as my new food crush to replace cheesy oatmeal? This is a dream (and intention) come true!


In other news, Jena at Modish BIZtips asked me to answer a few (ok, many) more questions about wholesaling to stores. If you want the full scoop check out the interview here.

* Though the salad is great and satisfying, I usually pair it with other sides to feel satiated. So the $1.50 price is slightly misleading. A piece of baguette would be great, but I usually make do with popcorn.

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  1. Lindsay

    Hi! I found your blog from your comment about the Taste of Chicago concerts. I too ate this salad last week because Trader Joe’s was giving samples of it. And the best part was that I actually looked forward to eating lunch when I brought this salad.
    Great blog!

  2. Kristin

    Hey Jess! Ok so since you’re on this salad kick, I have to share with you my fav. salad! Chop up iceberg lettuce, add corn, diced cucumber, and jicama (it’s like a turnip), add a dollop of ranch dressing and toss. Top with tortilla strips. Mmmm! Have a great lunch!

  3. Jess

    @ Lindsay: No way! We totally must have been there on the same day, because I discovered this salad bag via their sample bar (I go on Sundays to the one on Clyborn).

    @ Kristin: I will have to try that salad, especially the jicama. Do you just cut it up or do you have to cook it first?

  4. We love salad here and eating our greens is a daily must! Try wasa crackers which are great and you can store them in a container to have on hand!
    Had a great run today! Felt so good! 🙂
    Thanks again for inspiring me!

  5. Jill

    Yum… I’m off to make a salad now! Lately I am loving Whole Wheat mini bagels – I started buying them as healthy snacks for the kiddos and realized they are packed with goodness! If you eat the mini ones you avoid the carb-overload! They would make a great addition to a salad!

  6. Megan

    I love Trader Joe’s and must have missed this the last time I went there but I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for it next time. I have actually always been in love with salad, eating them almost every day. This combination of flavors sounds delicious, let us know how the poppy seed flavor turns out!

  7. Thank you for this post. The concept of eating more greens in definitely not lost on me, but it does get overwhelming sometimes. Eating 4 salads a week seems feasible, and without really thinking about it I would definitely go over just 4 a week. Thanks!

  8. SDG

    Hi there! I learned about your blog over at Kelly & Olive. I’m a bog fan of salad and veggies in general. I love Greek Salads in particular and any salad w/spinach, feta/goat cheese. I can definitely get on board with your salad movement.

  9. Jess

    @ All: Thanks for your suggestions to add to my salads. They all sound great and I intend to try them out next time I grocery shop.

    @ Megan: As for the poppy seed dressing, like bad white wines, the label was cuter than the actual taste. I definitely like Cilantro dressing better. Not too big of a fan of the Pear Champagne dressing either.

  10. Vat

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