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Today I’d like you to meet our new Jess LC Kinzie collection of totes! This is a collaboration with artist and illustrator Ann Shen. I first met Ann as a Jess LC customer and later stumbled upon a post about her talent in the blogosphere. Shocked that the person I had been emailing was such a talented artist (she’s done work with J.Crew and!), I immediately asked her if she would be interested in working together on a tote collection.

To my delight she said yes, and the result is a collection of three adorable bags in two different sizes.

We have a neon pink fish with the phrase Just Keep Swimming, a bright yellow lemon with the phrase Make Lemonade, and a silver metallic cloud with the phrase Find the Silver Lining. Each one is made with heavy duty canvas and made in Chicago.

This collection is a great merging of a few of our intentional themes across different Jess LC products like our Just Keep Going print, Pink Lemonade necklace, and Silver Lining necklace.



For the Kinzie lookbook, I worked with a new bevvy of bloggers including (in order of appearance):

Kiley (a soon to be fashion blogger and Jess LC intern)

Clara of Channeling Contessa

Sue of The Zhush

Chassity of Look Linger Love

Jill of Good Life for Less

Audrey of A Lovely Escape

And our crisp white product photos are done by the lovely Liz of Coach House Pictures.


I hope you like the new totes! Feel free to shop them here!

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  1. Cathy

    I love these! “Just keep swimming” is definitely my favorite! Not only because it’s neon pink, but because it’s a line from one of my fav movies, “Finding Nemo.”

    By the way, is Kiley wearing a new style of the Astor necklace???

  2. Margarita

    Jess, these totes are absolutely gorgeous! Congrats! My fave is the swimming one. LOVE the bright pink. 🙂

  3. Anja

    Gosh, those are so pretty! The silver lining one is too cute and fits perfectly with my silver lining necklace! Well done!!!

  4. Kelsey

    Adorable totes! I’m seriously wanting the just keep swimming print, ingenious!

  5. Kate

    I love these, Jess! And I always love seeing other bloggers in your lookbook, so much fun!

  6. Simone

    When I was going through a really hard recently, my best friend told me “just keep swimming” and it’s stuck with me ever since. As soon as I saw that tote I was literally tickled pink 🙂

    Love the totes!!

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