new MML challenge: summer (home) slim down

Bikini season is upon us!

Scared yet?

No need to worry. Though I’m not itching to jump into my two piece and strut my stuff on the beach, I have a way we all can feel lighter, freer, and (maybe) even sexier.

And it doesn’t involve skipping one glass of pinot grigio or ice cream cone during the hot summer months to come.

As one MML reader mentioned a few months ago, exfoliating the stuff in our homes that we no longer need, use, or love is remarkably freeing and is rather close to the feeling of losing excess weight on our bodies. So though we might not see a budge on our scales this month, we can lighten the load in our homes and make a sizable difference in the weight of our psyche.

In honor of this steamy season, I’m hosting a new challenge to replace the End of the Week Exfoliation this June. Here’s the deal: I’m looking for us all to do our best to lose some house weight. Whether you just have that “pesky last 10 pounds” or need a massive Biggest Loser-style overhaul, we all can reach our goals without breaking a sweat (pun intended).

The Guidelines

Send in photo(s) of your Summer Slim Down with a description of what you are exfoliating and why. To keep with the Summer Slim Down theme, please weigh (or guesstimate) the total “weight loss” of the items exfoliated. We’ll keep this simple and use Scouts Honor on the weight and trust that everyone will do their best to be fair and square.

The entries can emailed with the subject line “Summer Slim Down” and sent to me at I’ll compile all of the entries and post the submissions at the beginning of July. The winner will be the entrant who has the largest total “weight loss.” (But remember, we all can improve from where we are, and everyone will gain a sexier space.)

The Goodies

Besides a beach body abode, the winner will get a $60 Jess LC gift certificate and a great beach read, Just Don’t Call Me Ma’am by Anna Mitchael.

Let’s go forth and shed some lbs!

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  1. Jill

    This is such a great idea… I threw out a huge bag of broken/missing pieces/crappy toys from the toy room last week. You are right… feels great! Next time I’ll have to capture my “weight loss” on camera. Last time I was too busy sneaking the bag past the kids!

  2. This is great!!! I actually blogged about something very similar to this yesterday using your motto of adding by subtracting. So count me in for your challenge – great idea!!

  3. Denise

    bummer, the donation truck just came on Tuesday. I hurried around Tuesday morning getting things out.

  4. Carina

    hey, I think this is a great idea!!! Just a quick question: I currently live with my parents so when I consider the ‘weight loss’, can I do it just for my room (the only place in the house I have control over – or at least I have control over without inducing the wrath of my mother for messing around with her stuff!) or do I have to do it for the entire house?

  5. Jess

    Hi Carina,

    You may certainly keep your Summer Slim Down restricted to what is your own! No need to worry about the whole house, it’s all about getting rid of the weight/stuff *you* no longer need. ūüôā

    Have a great day,

  6. rose

    ooh i like it – even though it’s winter on my side of the world. i’m just going to think of it as an early spring slim down!

  7. What a fun idea! We have some stuff to pull out of the basement and deal with once it stops raining enough to get it outside, so I’ll be sure to grab my camera! Lots of stuff got crammed down there when we moved and ran out of steam to deal with it on-the-spot.

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