new series: “think about it”

I apologize for the break in the DESIGN YOUR LIFE series. Things have been much busier than I expected this week… well, really much busier all of December, really. (It’s holiday season, why did I expect things to slow down?!) Which left me with little time to snag someone for a DYL post.

Think About It


But the good news is that this leaves me with a chance to run a new series I’d like to start in 2010 called “Think About It.” Over the past few months I have had a lot on my plate. And in trying to do each thing very well, I have let a lot of the theory behind MakeunderMyLife go by the wayside here on the blog. To be honest, it has been easier to write about things that are actively going on in my life (like decorating, Jess LC, Spring, and exfoliating) rather than talk about the principals I believe in. Principals take time, thought, and careful writing. Which is hard to accomplish during a full work day. But the quality and usefulness to you, my dear readers, is diminished when those topics are all the blog is about.

So one of my intentions for 2010 is to bring back this thoughtfulness to MakeunderMyLife. After all, I am extremely proud and humbled to be fulfilling my purpose here on the blog. And to dilute this vocation with nothing but recipes, interviews, and decorating is doing us all a disservice. This is not to say that those more lighthearted topics won’t still be included, in fact, to a large extent they will still be the most popular topics. But a weekly dose of “Think About It” might keep the bigger picture in perspective as well.

So stay tuned for some thought provoking entries in the year to come! And thank you for sticking with me while I learn to balance all that is in my life right now.

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  1. Diane

    after reading your post today, jess, it inspired me to comment for the first time! i just want to say…don’t be so hard on yourself! even when your posts are about decorating or exfoliating, you always connect that in some way to the deeper intentions you have for yourself. each post has a purpose behind it, and that may even be more inspiring – that you can do such simple things (like throwing out a pair of pants) with so much intention behind them.

    that’s my take on it, at least 🙂

  2. Donica

    I am new to your blog and looking very forward to this series. I enjoy opportunities to reflect collectively. 🙂

  3. It doesn’t seem like you’ve strayed. I mean your “about” page says “Daily posts cover a variety of topics including making under, home design, easy recipes, interviews about intentional living, plus a dash of business advice or ‘off the chain update’ about my jewelry line, Jess LC.” Your exfoliations and design your life series haven’t stopped, and those are definitely purpose driven…and so are the other posts. Your readers have NOT been let down.

  4. Jess

    @ Jill and Rebecca: I think they are going to be a great addition to the blog.

    @ Diane and S.E. Minegar: First, thanks for the encouraging comments! And second, thank you both for sticking up for the Exfoliations and DYL- you are right, I do have intentional posts in here right now. And I need to be more aware of that. I appreciate you both for bringing that to my attention!

    @ Fee-AMore: Thanks for sticking with MML now, and into 2010!

  5. Clara

    I’m looking forward to “Think About It.” Sounds like a great addition to the blog. I certainly enjoy your more light-hearted posts, but I also like being a bit more challenged from time to time. I admire, too, that you’re re-thinking content. I think it’s useful to reassess. It may not always lead to change, but that doesn’t diminish the value of seeing whether what we’re currently doing continues to meet our goals.

    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and great 2010!

  6. Jess

    @ Clara: Thanks for the encouragement! I am excited to add a bigger perspective to the blog once a week myself.

  7. Jen


    Thanks so much for sending me this blog! I haven’t been able to dig through much of it yet but I’m VERY excited to! This new feature that you’re planning seems like it will be a really fantastic way to find out what you’re all about. I think it’s a little difficult for many bloggers {me included} to find a balance of what to share & not share in the blogsphere, being deep, being light-hearted, being true to yourself & reaching lots of people. I’m sure you’ll be great at it!


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