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Today I was going to mention my new obsession from Trader Joe’s, and then found out I was tagged by Rebecca with a Fabulous Blog Award (more on that below). The food crush is a new one I discovered yesterday at the T.Joe’s sample counter (who doesn’t love a good sample counter, really?).

While shopping, they handed out Ultimate Pretzel Rolls with melted cheese and ham. It was divine. I promptly bought a bag of rolls and decided to make them for dinner. But then I got to the frozen section and their BBQ Chicken Pizza called my name. With reluctance, I caved to the pizza, vowing to eat the pretzel in all it’s glory today for lunch.


I almost gave in and ate my midday meal at 10:26am.

But with perseverance, I survived until my normal noon lunch time and promptly devoured this roll seconds after photographing it.  Dabs of Dijon mustard on some bites, slivers of butter on others, this baby is good both ways. Or, it can be sliced and used as a sandwich roll as they presented it at the store. Any which way, the pretzel bread is soft without being mushy and surprisingly subtle.

This guy is going to be a great go-to during the rest of my marathon training. I can already tell.

Fabulous Blog Award

fabulousawardSpeaking of obsessions, I found out this morning that Rebecca of The Pink Orange and Ella Minnow Pea tagged me in her Fabulous Blog Award winners. And as such, I am responsible for recounting 5 things I’m obsessed with. Well, the first was shared above in my ode to the Ultimate Pretzel Rolls. The rest can be seen below.


Sounds strange to have an obsession over an inbox, but in my case it is true. I love getting mail for the business (aka: orders) or comments and emails from the blog. Either way, I get excited when I check my inbox.



Not going to lie. I already have my future puppy’s name picked out; it’s Elsie. I like Westies (and Frenchies, too) so much that my running partner, Bernard will text me how many Westies he saw on a run without me. My family has a Westie named Mackenzie (photographed) who started my love affair with the breed.

One day Erwin’s going to get me one, I just know it…. right hun?


Zig zags have my attention right now. I love how they look in bold alternating colors. So much so that I have a future project for my studio waiting to be completed incorporating lots of chevron.

My New Apartment


Yes, if you can’t tell by the recent posts, I moved to a new apartment last week which is currently taking up much of my thoughts, time, and money. It’s a labor of love that is coming together, ever so slowly.

(note: blue couch waiting patiently to be replaced by sectional)

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  1. forget the pretzel roll, those flowers are to die for! what marathon are you training for? i’m doing my first in phoenix this january! happy training!

  2. Ohhh… marathon! I’ve only done one full..but am dying to do another one. SO REWARDING. I’ve completed two half marathons with my husband..but they just aren’t the same…

  3. Tracy

    I just found your website a few days ago, and I love it. I have to say that thanks to you, now I want to run to my neighborhood Trader’s Joe and get their pretzel bread. MMm…looks SO YUMMY.

    Happy training, by the way.

  4. Jess

    @ Sarah: I’m training for San Fransisco Nike Women’s Marathon. Can’t wait! Good luck with your winter training for Phoenix.

    @ Jessica: I’ve done one before myself. There is something a lot more challenging about the full vs. the half. But I love mini marathons, they are perfect for a big brunch afterward.

    @ Jen: Bummer about the T.Joe’s. We don’t really have one close by but we take a bus and walk a bit and then taxi it home. Kind of an ordeal but so nice to have T.J. food all week. And thanks on the apartment, it’s coming together… sort of.

    @ Tracy: Nice to meet you! I am glad you like the site and even more excited for you to experience the Pretzel bread.

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