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Good evening! I’m excited to introduce Rachel’s (of Design Lovely) new site, Lovely Clusters. Earlier today she shared her intentions in a DESIGN YOUR LIFE interview and now I’m excited to share her newest project.

Lovely Clusters is a great way to browse all things lovely, adorable, and handmade. I kind of think of it as an edited Etsy filter for all things feminine. You can browse by clusters of color or product category. In just my first visit I found how addicting the site really can become. Clicking from designer to designer, I discovered some really great new pieces I’d like to one day own. Below were my immediate loves.


Christina Williams Napkins – so cute!


Olive Bird Pillow


Olive Custom Postcard Pillow – how perfect is this for a friend that moved?


Hettle Ruffle Pillow

I also asked Rachel to share a little bit more about the site in her own words.

How did you get inspired to make Lovely Clusters?

It actually started with a sentence that I saw on Rachel Ashwell’s blog. On one of her beautiful photos she wrote “clusters of loveliness”. I just adored how that sounded so I started thinking of a way I could use those words. I decided to create a theme on my blog where I would create a cluster of images whether it be by color, category or mini portfolio of an artist or designers work. During that time I started getting really into Etsy and got lost on it for hours on end. I felt like I was rummaging through a flea market. I thought that by cataloguing my favorite items on my blog and by adding them to my favorites on Etsy, it would be a good way to go back and find lovely sellers and items, but the navigation wasn’t quite right. I am a graphic and web designer so I figured that I could design a website where you could easily find favorite sellers and items by color or category. Once I had that idea I mulled it over in my head for 2 months and one day I just decided that I had to do it. It has been so much fun ever since!  I love meeting new sellers from around the world and constantly being inspired by the large amount of creative individuals out there.

What makes Lovely Clusters perfect for gift shopping?

My mom always tells my step dad the stores that she loves during the holidays and around her birthday to help guide him in the right direction. Without that little bit of guidance my step-dad would be lost in a dizzying sea of feminine consumer goods and stores, with no direction. I think if you love or know someone who loves beautiful feminine apparel, jewelry, home decor and art then you will be drawn to just about anything from our site and will want to share it with the people you know. We carry a large number of small, inexpensive gift items and if you happen to know the favorite color of the person you are buying for, you can easily search by their favorite color or by categories such as apparel, jewelry, art, accessories, decor and more!

How can Lovely Clusters help designers?

If a designer or stylist is creating a romantic setting for a room, a dreamy mood for a photo, or a one-of-a kind feminine outfit, browsing through Lovely Clusters will definitely save them time.  We’ve categorized each item to make it easy for designers and consumers to find just what they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of selections seen in larger galleries and online markets.

{Lovely Clusters is a sponsor of MakeunderMyLife}

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  1. Carli Lee

    Love the post card pillow. Would look so pretty in my living room since i changed the furniture around

  2. christina

    Rachel is such a creative, inspiring person! It’s so much fun to hear how she came up with the idea. And a BIG thank you for sharing my little napkins.

  3. Sarah @ In A Dream

    I love Lovely Clusters! When I found it I was there for a very long time just looking at everything. That’s great that she’s sponsoring!!

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