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Happy afternoon! It was great to hear your responses to the “Future Letter” for the new year. I’ve been working as hard as I can to answer each of your comments personally through email, rather than on the blog post comment section itself. Cuz lets be honest, do you really go back and check to see if I’ve responded there all that often?

I actually speak about my annual letter tradition in today’s new Spring Conversation, Intentions, Goals, and Resolutions. Check it out. I definitely think this is one worth watching if you are inspired by new years intentions. I also love Michelle’s Chutzpah Goals and Jess Swift’s Goals and Intentions Kit as other great ways to chart your vision and path throughout 2010.

About Michelle

By the way, in my break from blogging in the past few weeks I didn’t get to link to Michelle’s About Me video on Spring. Her DESIGN YOUR LIFE got a huge response, so here’s a chance to see her story on video.

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  1. Aw, you’re awesome Jess LC!

    And can I say I wrote my future letter on 1/1, & just cried throughout the whole damn thing? It was very emotional & powerful. You’re a genius. Thinking of sharing it on me blog, to back up my whole “let’s make this thing personal” declaration I, uh, declared yesterday.

    Oh, & wanted to let you know that the link to the Goal Game you have on the site actually goes to my post about CHUTZPAH Goals, which don’t have the game attached. The Goal Game will be up on Spring this week (I think)!

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