TLS #259: How I’m Approaching The New Year (2018) Differently

Today’s Lively Show  is dedicated to sharing how I’m welcoming 2018 into my life in a different way than ever before. I’ll be sharing the how, what, and why of my past ‘new years’ focuses, and what has caused a pretty massive shift for me personally in my approach.

Plus, I’ll be sharing how these changes will be woven into upcoming 2018 episodes of TLS, as well.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxed, effective, and energy focused approach to the coming year.







  • Jess talks about where she has been in the past year and her process to start each new year, usually by writing a letter to herself in the voice of the next upcoming year.

  • She tells us how she used to be focused on her actions and her efforts.

  • Jess describes her new process of focusing on alignment more than anything, and using mediations as a tool.

  • She talks about another ongoing theme in her life which is conscious creation of manual action.

  • Jess recommends to follow your inner being, your intuition, to do what is right for you for the new year.




Write To Your Intuition

Abraham Hicks

Intuition Intensives

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Dr. Joe Dispenza





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  1. Cassie

    I am resonating with you so much this year.
    I found your show last year and started practicing some of the things you would talk about with gratitude and trying to live in alignment at a very minimal effort and it was making a change in my life and I noticed.
    I did stop listening for a few months just because some things in my life changed and my time to listen to any podcast was not happening.
    This is why I find it CRAZY how the universe works. After realizing how my mood and thoughts were going to a depressive state again I started reading self-help books, listening to your show and studying what… quantum physics. AND YOU ARE RIGHT. Everything connects. 🙂 I love how the universe just brings you back to what and who you need to listen to at the right time.
    I cannot wait to hear what you will bring to us this year as we all grow.

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