it’s about to get up close + personal: my newest Values-Based Intention


Today I have two things to share with you:

1. A very up close and personal story about how my newest Values-based intention has impacted my life.

I share this with you so that you can see how I wrestle with my own ego, and also how I use VBI’s to overcome it. But before we get personal, I wanted to remind you…

2. This is the last call for the free, live (online) 2015 Intention Setting Workshops.


As I’ve shared on The Lively Show, September’s theme is intention and the next round of Life With Intention Online starts in just a few weeks. I truly believe that living with Values-Based Intentions can transform your life, which is why I am so excited to share this free live workshop with everyone who registers.

Join me by clicking the above link and choosing the time that is most convenient for you – I will stay on at the end of the workshop until every question is answered – I promise!

To better understand why joining one of the Intention Setting workshops is so powerful, it’s time to share the story behind my newest Values-Based Intention.

So let’s start there.

Warning: Here is where we get up close and personal.


Ok. Let’s do this.

As you may have heard on The Lively Show Episode #85 with founder, Alisa Vitti (about optimizing female hormone health), I:

A) Have never had a natural period,
B) Have faced a slew of not-so-great side effects from PCOS, and
C) May possibly experience infertility based on A and B above.

Until I learned about Alisa’s hormone regulating protocol, I abided by traditional medicine’s “prescription” for PCOS: I used Birth Control pills to regulate my hormones and avoid some of the not-so-great side effects of PCOS (for me, the worst part was chronic, cystic acne).

I didn’t think I could change, fix, or improve my situation or symptoms through lifestyle choices… because I was never taught that it was possible.

Then this summer, I met Alisa and learned how our endocrine systems actually work.

Learning about the affects my lifestyle choices – most specifically diet – can have on my endrocrine system was very emotional and eye-opening to say the least.

I immediately knew that at the very, very, very least, I owed it to myself to experiment with the eating protocol Alisa recommended to see if it would help or reverse my PCOS symptoms — and possibly help Mr. Lively and I conceive, when we’re ready (I’m looking at you, 2016).

Long story short: Alisa’s blood sugar + endocrine stabilizing protocol includes eliminating or restricting dairy and gluten from our diets.

As a “mac and cheese-atrian,” this was definitely not good news for my ego which wanted desperately to continue eating pizza + cinnamon rolls without restraint.

So my ego went nuts.

Leading up to the program’s start date, I deliberately went out of my way to eat gluten and dairy as frequently as possible.

“Eat bread and cheese now, before the protocol starts.” Was my ego’s constant rationalization as I waited for the official start of the program.

And because my Values-based intention for eating has been to “Eat what my intuition leads me to eat, until satisfied,” I didn’t feel a direct urge to drop dairy and gluten based on those particular Values before the program began.

However, after weeks of deliberately eating dairy and gluten (along with beer and wine) during our move and a weeklong trip to Chicago, I found myself feeling:





Eventually, I decided enough was enough.

Over a week before I officially start the program, I finally got the Universe’s memo:

This isn’t about waiting to “start” making these changes based on the external accountability of the program.

It is about living my Values in the present moment, given my current circumstances.

Which of course raised the question:

What are my real Values for this aspect of my life?

“Eating what my intuition leads me to eat until satisfied” didn’t feel naturally motivating or relevant in terms of dropping gluten and dairy.

… Which is why I had been “livin’ la vida queso” for the weeks leading up to the program in the first place.

And just focusing on the possible potential outcomes of being able to get pregnant naturally one day, or get a period once I transition off the pill three months from now, seemed too distant and unreliable to inspire me to make changes Right. Now.

But feeling flat, dull, and lifeless?

Those feelings were directly affecting my present moment reality in a BIG way.

They were like laser-beams shining on what is most important to me right now:

Glowing and thriving.

To be honest, the Values of “glowing” and “thriving” usually feel hokey and hollow to me.

But not right now.

Right now, they ring true for me on a deep, wholehearted level.

So I decided to create a new VBI to express these Values:

“To glow and thrive from the inside out.”

Isn’t it interesting that this VBI has nothing directly to do with eating (or not eating) dairy or bread?

And it doesn’t say that eating according to this protocol for the rest of my life is “required.”

Here’s what this VBI invites me to do:

– To experiment with this way of eating and see if it does produce more vitality and wellbeing in my life now and going forward.

– To see if my endocrine system thrives: by getting a period naturally for the first time in my life, once I transition off the pill.

And if the above to experiments go well:

– To see if this protocol helps me indeed get pregnant when the time comes.

And of course, the protocol is only one option for embodying these Values.

I can also explore different: exercises, sleep routines, daily habits, and potential PCOS + fertility treatments that feel aligned with these intuitive Values and my ever-evolving circumstances.

And now for the results (so far):

After fully connecting to my new VBI, the ego resistance I was feeling towards this new way of eating mostly subsided. Dissolved, even.

And while experimenting with this new way of eating hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, the immediate results I started to feel – almost overnight – solidified my decision to experiment with this protocol as an expression of my intention.

I’m definitely glowing and thriving more than I was before.


I just needed to stop trying to motivate myself based on “shiny penny” outcomes I couldn’t rely on (periods and getting pregnant), and start living my Values in the present moment.

Of course, please know: I’m not sharing this story with you as a way of advising you on what you should eat whatsoever.

This is simply an experience that is relevant to me in a very recent and tangible way that demonstrates the power of living from reactions, resistance, and “shiny pennies” vs. living from Values-based intentions.

Values-based intentions have had real, tangible results not only on my physical health, but in every aspect of my life and the lives of over 300 LWIO members worldwide.

This is why I want to make sure everyone who is available attends one of my two live, online Intention Setting workshops I’m doing in 2015.

I want to help you start to experience more peace, joy, and fulfillment.
>> Sign Up An Intention Setting Workshop Here. <<
May something wonderful happen to you today.



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  1. Kristen

    Thank you for being so open and willing to share such intimate details. I admit I am still a bit confused about Values Based Intentions, but I signed up for one of your live webinars, so I look forward to that!

    1. Jess Lively

      Awesome! That’s exactly what I will be teaching in the workshop. See you there, Hun!! : )


  2. Lauren

    Thank you so much for sharing! I also have PCOS and it can be very challenging to live with – I can’t wait to hear more about your lifestyle changes and how they work our for you 🙂

    1. Jess Lively

      I am more than happy to share my journey with this! I think I’ll be doing little updates on the monthly favorite podcasts I will be adding one Tuesday per month. Stay tuned! : )

  3. Belinda

    As someone who lives on the other side of the world, I’d dearly love to do this course. Will you be making it available after the live webinars? Love your podcast, and can’t wait for your course to be available!

    1. Jess Lively

      No worries on the live workshops if you can’t make it! I also have a mini series I am opening starting tomorrow – if you’re on my email list you’ll see an email to sign up for it tomorrow. : )

    2. Jess Lively

      And if you aren’t on the email list, I’ll share it on the blog here sometime soon, as well. : )

  4. Brianne

    Thank you for sharing this–that episode (and the Simple Green Smoothies ep) have really got me thinking about how food makes my body feel. Are you willing to talk a bit about how your husband responded to your shift in eating habits? I’m considering a similar shift–I’m pretty sure my intuition is telling me to do so–but I’m worried about how changing my diet will affect my marriage!! Thanks for any advice 🙂

    1. Jess Lively

      Great question! Mr Lively’s VBI last year for eating was eating for Energy, so he experimented with eating styles like vegetarian and paleo to see if one gave him more energy than eating “all the things” like he used to. He found paleo eating made a big difference and did it for quite a while and still continues to eat in that way more often than not.

      So really, this is the first time I’ve started to experiment with a VBI other than eating until satisfied (other than being mostly vegetarian for killing animal reasons)…. All of this to say, for us specifically, he’s really supportive and finds me not eating gluten and dairy even easier for him to eat in ways that align with what makes him feel best, too.

      I think it might help to take some time to think about what your Values are, and to share them openly and honestly with people in your life, like your husband, and ask for support if you feel that is possible. : )


  5. Anna

    Hi Jess. I’m a huge (and I mean huge) fan of both your blog and amazing podcast. Lately, I’ve been re-thinking about my core values. You talk a lot about values-based intentions. Rather than making a typical list – such as “honesty” and “kindness” etc, I want to go deeper. How do you suggest I get started on finding my core values? Can you recommend some of your own posts?

    Thanks so much for taking time to answer my question. I hope the move is going well.


    1. Jess Lively

      Amen! I’m all for making unique, resonate Values rather than just (only) picking them off a list. You can learn more here: and I encourage you to sign up for one of the 2 free live online workshops I’m doing if you can make it to go deeper. You can register here until the workshops have ended:

      And of course, is the place where we go deeply into the full approach and process for five weeks. Registration for this upcoming class will be opening on the 16th. If your intuition feels it’s a fit, I look forward to working with you there. : )

  6. Krista- Food Savvy

    Hi Jess,

    I am so excited for you! I have no doubt that being mindful of the foods you eat are a key piece of the puzzle to invite vitality and wellbeing into your life!

    Something I personally love to do while I’m cooking is to think about the positive energy I am putting into the food. Instead of viewing it as a burden to take “time away from _____ (my biz, my fam, my friends)” I reframe it to, “the food I am preparing is nourishing every cell in my body”. The thought that I am infusing everything with love, and in turn that food will “love” me back, has been a powerful shift.

    Looking forward to hear about your journey.


    1. Jess Lively

      Thank you so much for this re-frame idea, Krista!!

      I admit, I’m not someone who gets much joy from the act of cooking (I’d much prefer to decorate or organize instead), but I can see how thinking more in this way might help me access more Value and joy from an act I’d otherwise prefer to skip. : )


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