TLS#77: attaining career dreams early & shifting money mindsets with Nicole Lapin (CNN + CNBC)


Today kicks off our first episode of our Summer Series! Each Lively Show episode during June, July, and August will relate to that month’s particular theme.

In June we’re discussing money: what to do with the money you have, how to make money online (if you want to, or are interested in learning how others do), and what to do with debt.

Today’s guest is Nicole Lapin, a financial journalist and author of Rich Bitch. Besides being an advocate for women’s financial success, she was also the youngest anchor ever on both CNN and CNBC.

In the show, we discuss the money mindsets Nicole recommends and we explore what she learned from attaining her lifelong career goals at such an early age.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear an inspiring story about: working towards a goal, the challenges that came with being the youngest person in a public career, and the lessons Nicole learned from tackling the topic of money both personally and professionally. 


Warning: The word b**** is used in this episode since it is in the book title – so you may not want to listen with little ones around.







  • How Nicole became the youngest anchor ever on CNN and CNBC.
  • Why she thinks that anyone can learn about and understand the world of finance.
  • Why Nicole was inspired to make a name for herself so early on.
  • Nicole shares with us why she actually feels younger now than she did 10 years ago and why she feels she can be more authentic now.
  • Nicole shares two things we should be doing with our money.
  • She gives us a different way to think about saving money.
  • The advice she received from a mentor about goal setting and marriage that changed the way she thought about dating.
  • The importance that asking questions has had in her life.
  • What Nicole would tell someone just starting out on this journey.



Rich Bitch

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  1. Elizabeth Johnston

    Kudos for doing a finance episode. I’m always amazed at the number of ladies that don’t want to talk about or understand money. Seems like you need to have Mr Money Mustache on the show for another perspective, or better yet Mrs Money Mustache if she would do the show. 70% of your income is essentials, 10-15% in extras, that leaves 15% for savings max? I think women are capable of going to the next level of control in their financial lives, including accelerating their savings and having an early retirement.

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