the lively show: intentions, values, and meaning with noah kagan


Today I’ve got a special guest on The Lively Show that you may not be familiar with, Noah Kagan.

He’s a taco loving, introspective, completely open, Austin-based entrepreneur who is well known for founding and his early involvement in Facebook (he was employee #30).

He also shares great business insights and life hacks on his blog,

In this week’s show, we’re having a “lively” conversation (I don’t often throw that term around, but it’s true) about intentions, meaning, and values.

Noah candidly talks about his experiences, strengths, and struggles both personally and professionally.

And though most Lively Show interviews are pretty straightforward, this episode is much more of a dialogue between us both that can hopefully provide value and insight for you in your own life.

This episode is perfect for those who are looking to discover their values, craft intentions, and explore the opportunities that come from setbacks.


{ Attention: this episode contains some swearing. }





  • Noah’s two tests to help determine whether you should stay in your current job.
  • What it means to Noah to find meaning in a career.
  • Why getting fired from Facebook is still a challenge, but is also one of the best things to ever happen to Noah as a person.
  • Overcoming the “impostor syndrome.”
  • How Noah worked through the disappointment of missing out on potentially $150,000,000.
  • Why outcomes don’t sincerely make us completely happy.
  • My little rant about vision boards.
  • Noah’s recommendations for those facing a difficult situation or trying to figure out what they really want.
  • What Noah would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




The Power of Kabbalah

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office – ebook about Noah’s time at Facebook

Life With Intention Online

My 2014 Processes (No More Goals)

How Noah Got Fired From Facebook




Attention: this episode contains some swearing. }

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  1. Katie Johnson

    I can’t wait to listen this evening. Love that he’s an Austinite just like me:-)

  2. Sunray Pena

    Wow, Jess. So far, this is my favorite episode and I’ve been listening since your very first! I love the conversational format. Both of you seemed to be learning a lot from each other and I love that. Many things that Noah said really made sense and hit home for me specially the “do nothing” part and getting to know what you want and not fill your life with distractions. Good stuff!

    Have a great day! Both of you gave me a lot to ponder on today. 🙂

    1. That’s so great to hear, Sunray!! I’m glad it, and Noah, resonated so strongly with you. : )

  3. Sam

    This was absolutely amazing, I loved it. It wasn’t as structured as the previous episodes, just evolving and authentic – really easy to relate to. So much resonated with me. Thank you so much, Jess & Noah!

    1. I’m so happy to hear you liked it, Sam. : )

      I’m also happy to hear you like the more conversational structure, too!

  4. chefjamielevine

    Hi Jess. This was by far my favorite interview you’ve had. So many wise words from Noah and I absolutely agree with his life philosophies. This was really such a treat, and so applicable to all sorts of people. Thank you!

  5. Charley Noble

    Hi Jess, I wanted to say I normally love your podcast. I usually listen to it when I am cooking. This means my kids listen to it too. I like them to hear the stories of living with intention and what that means to different people. While I am not offended by the language used in this episode I would have appreciated a heads up at the beginning of the podcast so I could have known it wasn’t “safe” for kids.

    1. Hi Charley, thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful insight! I haven’t heard of any kids listening into the podcast before, so I didn’t think of the fact that there may be some listening in while their moms are playing the episodes. I’ll definitely keep this in mind and you’ll be able to check each episode post to see if there is something you should be wary of. I’ll post it right above the little “play” button feature. : )

      1. Charley Noble

        Thanks! A lot of moms listen to podcasts in the car too so it is really nice to have a heads up. Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Jess. Oh my goodness! This was so powerful! I particularly love how Noah said we are the generation of “meaning” and our parents were the generation of “sucking it up”. I also love those two powerful questions he asks himself. Well done; this was great!

    1. I’m glad you loved it, Emily! And I agree, I think his take on the generations is pretty fitting overall, too. : )

      1. Mae

        Dido on this point! I was nodding my head the whole way through this podcast. I hadn’t realized how different I think about my career vs how my parents do. All of the sudden I understand their concerns a lot better, but also feel more confident about my own career goals.

        1. That’s so awesome to hear, Mae. It is when we can communicate our values and our decisions in light of them that people can understand where we are coming from, even if they don’t happen to share them. : )

  7. lauren

    Really loved this one!! I loved the little example he gave about being at the gym and looking for affirmation – I can totally relate. It’s nice to think about where we’re getting our sense of worth and accomplishment. (and making sure that we’re making ourselves proud 🙂 )

    1. That’s awesome to hear, Lauren! : ) You’re right, it’s all about our values, not expectations.

  8. Katie Evans

    I love what Noah says about hustle and attitude as being key differentiators between people who really make things happen and those who are wantrepreneurs. Great interview, Jess!

  9. Really enjoyed this episode Jess! It was great hearing Noah’s perspective on something much larger than business success. Nothing like good old fashioned hustle to get ahead!

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