TLS #251: Your Questions Answered: food intolerances, numbing emotions, Sydney decorating, my parents & more

Today on TLS, I’m answering a lot of questions asked to me over on Instagram. I haven’t done a Q and A episode in a while, and it feels great to be able to address a wide range of topics including…

  • How my parents feel about my move (and whether they are supportive in general about my unconventional choices).
  • Whether I’d like to live in two places.
  • How to become more compassionate with ourselves.
  • How I envision my future apartment.
  • How I deal with negative thoughts.
  • How to stop numbing emotions.
  • And much more!

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear answers to variety of intuition, Law of Attraction, Sydney, and personal questions!



  • Do you have any thoughts about asking the universe for more opportunities and not taking them?

  • Who took you on that surprise holiday recently?

  • Can you please come to Melbourne and have a meet up?

  • I used to run a ton and used a lot of my nervous/anxious/anger/excited energy to fuel my runs. Now that I’m more “in the flow” and have less of those strong emotions, I feel like I can’t get past my relaxed state of mind and can never seem to be mentally or emotionally fueled enough to have a vigorous workout. I feel so good after an intense workout, but I feel a little stuck in my “flow = relaxed” State mentally… which means my workouts tend to be strolls through the park. I’m content with it, but I know intensity and vigor can be where I thrive! On a higher level, is this a question of contentment vs. thriving? Any advice?

  • How often do you see your parents? I know you’ve spoken about your brother, but don’t they miss you and you them?

  • Ask Joe what he thinks about the new desire to live in one place, being Sydney.

  • Is your family supportive of your endeavors? I tend to do things outside the box of my family’s ways and it makes it difficult to make decisions without disappointing them. I know it’s them not me, but still a struggle

  • What’s the best way to stop numbing emotions and f22eel them?

  • How do I know for sure it’s my intuition responding back and not my mind (ego?) based on the recent thoughts I might be having about this topic/issue?

  • Any tips on how to proceed when I ask a question of my intuition and do not receive an answer back?

  • Where can I buy that delicious looking bowl?

  • When you write out your 5 pages of gratitude daily, is a lot of it repeated from previous days? Does that matter? Or what’s your strategy for this?

  • Where do you get those pink pens you use?

  • Have you done the Landmark Forum?

  • What is the first event or desire that you used to put the Law of Attraction to the test?

  • Have you seen Health For Free the documentary on Gaia?

  • How do we achieve compassion, while still being protective of ourselves?

  • What is your detailed process on how to talk to our intuition?

  • Do you track your energy and ease of alignment with the moon cycles (like your friend Ezzie teaches)?

  • Would love some advice on offering ourselves compassion and kindness for times when the ego makes it difficult for us to love ourselves?

  • How can I manifest wonderful things if I’m clinically depressed and constantly fighting persistently dark and intrusive thoughts?

  • What’s your current favorite workout? (On apptiv or off of apptiv)

  • When you notice a negative or fearful thought, what are the positive mantras or words you say to yourself to get back in alignment?

  • Do you have any suggestions for adjusting to daylight savings time?

  • Have you thought about living two places? No reason to limit yourself, right?

  • Have you done anything with the body code?

  • How do I know if I’m self-sabotaging my relationship by ruminating on the negative and always finding faults in my partner or if the problems in my relationship are really deal breaker problems?

  • How do you find all these amazing conferences you attend? And where can we find them?

  • How do you envision your ideal living space now that you’ve decided to settle?

  • What are your personal goals and how has your approach to this changed since you’ve begun to focus more on alignment and flow?

  • Who do you recommend listening to/reading for quantum/high-vibe living with kids?

  • What’s the update on your food intolerances and how you healed them – was it theta healing or RTT?

  • If intuition has a name, does ego have a name?

  • Do you ever offer online RTT or have a recommendation for a therapist online?

  • Can you use Law of Attraction and visualization to attract estranged friends of family members back into your life?




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