TLS #293: Q+A: using LoA with “no mind,” intuitive eating, depression, & season 5 approach to relationships

Today I’m doing something I haven’t done in a while — I’m doing a listener question + answer session answering questions shared on Instagram off the cuff!

This batch of questions is a fascinating mix of how to connect with Inner Voice and the Season 5 approach to life, along with how these perceptions work alongside Season 4 topics like manifesting, Law of Attraction, and much more.

From dealing with love relationships in the “no mind” way, to manifesting in a Season 5 way, to dealing with close connections to depression — we are covering a wide range of topics in this episode!

Let’s go to the show. : )








  • How do I move forward when I’m stuck, even after hearing my inner voice speak to me?

  • Do you have any insights or updates on healing your vision?

  • Do you consult your inner voice on every decision you make, even trivial ones?

  • What does a day of flowing look like?

  • How do you know to take action on something?

  • Does no mind and LOA work in separate stages or together in tandem?

  • What does enlightenment mean to you?

  • Do you have any course or places your would recommend for someone who wants to coach in the future?

  • Does your intuition answer you when you ask specific questions, like what foods to eat, or is it more general?

  • Why did you switch from intention to presence in the podcast intro?

  • Have you ever dealt with depression, either personally or with clients?

  • If thinking like a “blue” is less effort, how do you manifest like a yellow thinker?

  • How do you talk to your inner voice without someone else asking the questions?

  • Is there another way to listen to intuition besides words and feelings?

  • How is your new season 5 Jess shown less resistance in love relationships?

  • What is your favorite takeaway from reading The Power of Now? Favorite quote or idea?

  • How do you get over somebody you love deeply and keep a friendship?

  • How do you balance between surrendering, flowing and making commitments?

  • How do I know when I’m hearing my intuition versus the mind?

  • Why don’t feelings of joy and community result in manifestations of material abundance?

  • How does someone with a full-time job and family manifest an abundance of time in their life?

  • How can I manifest a business idea?

  • How present are you in your life? How often do you guide yourself back into the now, and how?

  • Why do we create resistance to the things we want?

  • Can you elaborate on your mindful eating practices?

  • Can you speak about  your evolution from Season 4 Jess to Season Five Jess?

  • Human design and manifestation… What are your thoughts on this?

  • How can you maintain a high vibration while dealing with great

  • How does one deal with serious regret and shame?

  • Will you be hiring for any new positions on the new chapter of TLS and beyond?

  • What are your first thought on waking and last thought at night?

  • Do you believe your beliefs to require faith?

  • What are your recommendations to tap into your passions in your twenties?

  • How do we dissolve jealousy and comparison through the power of now?

  • Is it normal to get more than one word responses from your inner voice?

  • How do I ask my inner voice questions without loosing the bobble head?

  • What are the best tips to getting into alignment and flow?

  • How do you know when it’s your intuition or if you are overthinking something?

  • Any technical advice on starting a podcast?




Abraham Hicks

The Surrender Experiment


Flow With Intention

Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now

TLS – Spiral Dynamics


Gary Vaynerchuk

Pat Flynn’s Podcast Tutorial





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