TLS #177: Your questions answered: good and bad “selfishness,” intentions for kids & “having it all”


Today’s Lively Show is a Q+A episode covering a lot of deeper questions than many recent Q+A episodes including topics like…

Selfishness (the good and bad kinds), dealing with the relationship ‘sock debate’, flowing while still getting the important stuff done, how to help kids set intentions, and more.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to understand more about creating emotions before outcomes, parenting with Values-based intentions, or anyone looking to hear a wide range of thoughts on flow, alignment, and selfishness.







  • How do you integrate your “must dos” when on the road and not in your own home while on another schedule?

  • The logistics of selling quite nearly everything you own and really adapting a minimalist lifestyle.

  • How do you fill time in your days? How do you not get bored or not feel lost? How do you find purpose without a set schedule?

  • Recommendations for books, podcasts and people on how to parent in a flowy mindful way.

  • What are you reading, listening to, and snacking and sipping that you’re loving lately?

  • How to actively instill values in children and have them trust themselves and not to make them seek your parental approval

  • Learn more about the principle that “everything we do is selfish” and how we can make choices that bring more light to others rather than taking it away.

  • Do you believe we are innately programmed for discontentment?

  • I’d love to hear about your week with Eckhart Tolle?

  • Do you think we can really have it all, or is that just the ego pushing expectations on our lives?

  • How do you work to stay content in your current circumstances?

  • Do you still feel the approach to getting into stores and selling online during JessLC  is still relevant advice, or would you do anything different in today’s environment?

  • Are you still doing little things every day that make embodying pleasure a habit? What are those things and how have you incorporated them in your travels? What advice do you have for someone who’s fallen off the “pleasure wagon”?

  • How your book is coming along. Does flow play a part in your writing process?

  • How to deal with insecurities in a relationship (and trying to not seek approval) and how to communicate my needs and wants without being nagging. Do you have any good books or podcasts for being in a relationship?

  • Do you have any more advice for flowing even when we’re surrounded by negative people?

  • What is your relationship to the internet/social media? How do you maintain a healthy balance with these ever- present distractions?

  • What advice would you give to someone who’s been in a rough patch for a while?



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  1. Christine Breton

    Hi Jess, I LOVE how you talked about helping kids live by their values, and to re-frame how they look at testing, learning and school. I would love to hear more about how I can help my kids live from their values, and was wondering what your opinion is on helping them shape those values. Since they are so young and still learning how to act in the world and with others, how do you suggest going about guiding them to follow their intuition? Do you think their intuition is already formed / developed enough as a child? I’m just really curious to know your thoughts on this 🙂



  2. M Honey

    I’ve been listening to your podcasts for the past few months and find a lot of support for how I look at life. I am interested in reading on your blog or listening to the podcast where you explain what you mean when you say ‘starting with alignment’ or aligning instead of trying to action it into being (I think 😉 You also talk about flow being important vs pushing harder, etc. When I look through the podcasts, I do not see a title that sounds like it is the intro to what you mean when you use these words. Can you direct me where to look? I also do not see a way to search the blog or the podcasts using the terms. I am excited to learn more and hope you can tell me where the link is.

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