TLS #172: Your Questions Answered: challenging co-workers, loneliness, my travel budget, & more


Today I’ve got a brand new October Q+A episode for you!

This month we have a wide range of questions addressing how I’m budgeting (or not) with my travel, how to handle difficult co-workers, regulating your moods around grumpy people, how I’m coping with loneliness on this journey (hint: Wilson), and much more.

As always, I’m sharing openly about things that I’m facing and things that you may be going through, too.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear a bit more about flow, mood regulation, book recommendations, and my budget + experience traveling solo.








  • How are you funding all your travel?

  • What was your last best life lesson? How did it challenge you?

  • If you will you ever re-share your blog content?

  • How is the book coming along and when do you think it’ll be ready for us to read?

  • How are some of your fellow travelers making a living while abroad?

  • What does your routine look like now, what did you edit out and enjoy now?

  • How expectations sometimes steals attention from the here and now, and what would you say flow can counteract this?

  • What was one thing you gave up with this life shift that you thought would be challenging but turns out you don’t miss it?

  • How do you handle or avoid the loneliness that can come from being in all these new (and also old) places without a companion, friends or family with you or nearby? Do you feel like it is strengthening your relationship with yourself?

  • What preparatory steps you took financially to be able to afford traveling so much these last few months?

  • Would you like to visit Eastern Europe to meet new people and new cultures?

  • How do you decide what to share and what to keep under wraps? Have there been things you have regretted sharing?

  • What are you reading and listening to lately? Any audible book, podcasts or articles are you finding intriguing for an intention based lifestyle?

  • If you could give your 20 year old self a piece of advice what would it be?

  • Are you doing any type of hobby while traveling? Also, is there any skill you would like to develop in the future?

  • What do you have in your makeup bag and what skin care products do you love?

  • Any good reads you’ve come upon?

  • How do you deal with someone you don’t care for and /or respect that you have to interact with?

  • What are some major differences between American men and European men? Also, do you miss cooking or having friends over for dinner?

  • Are all intuitions are created equal? Do you think that perhaps you have done previous personal growth work that has “primed the pump” for your intuition to be more knowing than the average Joe out there?

  • What suggestions do you have to deal with the struggle with fear to put myself out there?

  • How do you protect your energy when people around you (people you like / love / care for generally) are in a bad mood?

  • How has your wardrobe changed now it’s getting colder?

  • Have you found a skincare routine that helps treat/prevent your cystic acne flare ups?

  • If and how you have found a balance between flowing/following your intuition and implementing daily habits into you life?

  • How do you deal with your ego wanting to “KNOW” when you’re still learning to listen to your intuition?

  • Are you planning to go back to doing interviews again on TLS?

  • Do you ever feel burned out by having to come up with a “profound” ah ha moment or discovery each week for the podcast? Does that pace feel sustainable?

  • How do you maintain flow and alignment in the face of deadlines?

  • How are Franklin & Ellie doing?

  • How are you feeling about those items you sold or gave away when you sold your house? Do you plan to move all those items to your new home, wherever that may be? And, like seriously – she wanted everything? The new owner wanted your dishes, your towels, your artwork – everything?

  • Do you still like (and use) your Away carry-on? Or would you choose something else? How is it holding up?

  • How were you able to sell everything in your home? How did you feel ready to let go of it all?

  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to let go of more? Is the answer to write to my intuition?



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