off the chain: become a jess lc ambassador!

Yesterday I did a speaking engagement at a Score and American Express OPEN event. I had a great time meeting small business owners and talking about how I’ve grown Jess LC. The keynote address by Lena West was focused on the power of social media. Of course with MML and my online shop, I already know the power of blogging, Twitter, and facebook. But her emphasis on customer recommendations and their importance stuck with me.

After the event, I arrived home to an incredible post written by a recent Jess LC customer, Melanie of Everyday Chic about her Mother’s Day purchases. Again, it confirmed that there is some amazing magic on the internet that allows people to help small businesses, like mine, succeed.

And then last night, I went to a yoga event my friend Stephanie was leading at a Lululemon store. The store manager described the poster sized photos on the walls of local yoga instructors and personal trainers. Apparently, Lululemon has an ambassador program which features store friends who embody their ideals. The program is basically a way to promote local friends of the store.

So…. given both events I started thinking.

I want to try out a Jess LC Ambassador program here on the web.

Basically, I want to extend a hug, a thank you, and a 15% reusable Ambassador discount to all the Jess LC customers and supporters out there who have blogs and would like to become Jess LC ambassadors. Here’s how it will work:

Please let me know what you think about the idea. I’m excited to finally have a way to thank all of those who have extended kind words about Jess LC on their blogs – and hopefully drive some traffic their way as well!

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  1. Anna

    I think this is a terrific idea. You will be helping others and they in turn will be helping you. The best advertisement is when people wear your jewelry. Cause I know when I wear handmade jewelry many people comment and ask me where I got it.

  2. Olivia

    Oh man, this sounds like an awesome idea! (I love Lululemon too!)

    I would love to do this, but my blog is small and only gets read by like 2 friends. Is that a big deal?

  3. Jess

    @ Olivia: Not at all! My goal is to thank everyone who supports me and Jess LC! Blog size is not important. 🙂

  4. Helena

    very good idea, you know I love your work, I haven’t stopped wearing my bracelet since I got it and received many compliments!!

  5. Natalie

    I think this is an excellent idea! I’m redesigning my blog and was planning on requesting some sort of badge from my favorite sites (including yours) to put in my sidebar! I also just made a “Gift List” of websites where I’d love to buy gifts for friend and family in the future, and Jess LC is entry number one! =)

    I’d also love to get a badge for MML to put on my blog as well!

  6. Lori

    I think this is a great idea! The blogging community seems very tight and always willing to help one another. So you are getting help and you are helping others. Awesome idea. I can’t wait to display your badge on my site! 🙂

  7. Piper

    This is such a fantastic idea!! I love that it helps both you and others – it’s such a supportive thing to do. Can’t wait to get my badge 🙂

  8. Jadyn

    Love this too! I also love seeing how you’re always evolving and coming up with new ideas – it is so inspiring.

  9. Jenny

    Great idea! I would love to participate! I’m with Natalie, I wouldn’t mind an MML badge either :o)

  10. Tee

    I love this idea! What a great way to connect and support each one another. 🙂

  11. Tee

    I love this idea! What a great way to connect and support one another. 🙂

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