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Good morning!First, I’d like to say that for the rest of the month of April, there will be free US shipping on all Jess LC orders! No need to enter a discount, free domestic USPS First Class Mail (no tracking number) will happen automatically during checkout.

Secondly, I am excited to share that last week after the launch, I made some improvements (and price reductions) to three of the Division styles. See below!

Division Chevron Earrings – were $82, now $74

The first two pieces are the Circle Chevron Earrings and Circle Chevron Necklace. Due to the large amount of sterling silver in the original chevron style, the earrings were too heavy for comfort. So we made them slightly thinner – which means they are less expensive and easier to wear.

Division Chevron Necklace – was $70, now $60

Same thing with the necklace. The lighter style means a lower price.

Division Chevron Bangle – was $85, now $48

And the Chevron Bangle looked wonderful in sterling silver, but was way to delicate for regular use. So we now have a silver plated version which is sturdier and costs significantly less.

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