off the chain: the NEW jesslc!

Good morning, sunshine! I humbly submit the link to the brand new Jess LC.

If you’d like a quick tour, here’s some of the surprises you’ll find,

The New Division Collection

I’m super proud to debut my first-ever sterling silver cast pendant collection, Division. I am fortunate to have a friend from college whose family has a jewelry business that can do complicated processes like casting that I’m unable to do in my studio (my landlord doesn’t look kindly on kilns and blowtorches). Now I’m able to find inspiration from interior design and Chicago architecture, draw a sketch, and see that idea come to life! But don’t worry, we are still finishing the jewelry in our studio like normal, so if you want a necklace shortened or prefer a gold chain, just let me know and we’ll whip it up to your preference.

Oh, and there are also matching earrings for each style and an awesome bangle to boot!

The New Website

The oh-so-lovely redesign by Meghan Radke. SO much nicer than the old site I designed myself. We now have an integrated website, so you don’t have to leave to process your order. Yay for efficiency and professionalism.

The Best Day Ever Lookbook

A few scenes from the new lookbook featuring Tieka, of Selective Potential, as the new Jess LC model.

(Notice the AprhoChic pillow? Thanks, Jeanine!)

Off the Chain Update (email letter)

(If you’d like to get my monthly Off the Chain Updates, please add your address at the top of or comment on this post with the words “Off the Chain.”)

Please stay tuned, there will be much more about the new launch to come the rest of the week. I’ll share all about the awesome dream team that helped make my vision a reality.

After six months, blood, sweat, and (almost) tears, it’s such a great relief to share this with you. Thanks for sticking with me and supporting me without having a clue as to what I was talking about.

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  1. Congrats- it all looks so wonderful! The jewelry has a fresh modern feel, very clean and pretty- like your site. Well done!

  2. Kat

    I LOVE IT! Congrats and well done! I really love the sterling pendants and earrings!

  3. KathrynwithaY

    OMG! How awesome! I love the new jewelry designs 🙂

  4. Kaitlyn

    YAY! Jess I’m so excited for you! The jewelry looks amazing, I can’t wait to see the new website!

  5. Anna

    Congratulations! The new jewelry line looks fantastic! I cannot wait to see your new website. I tried to click on to your new site but got an error message. I guess it is not live yet?

  6. Kate

    I had the same problem as Anna. Congrats either way!

  7. Freck

    Woohoo! Look at that sassy new logo! Unfortunately I can’t see the site yet (error?) but from what I see here it looks AWESOME! Congratulations and good for you, how exciting!

  8. This post is so amazing, Jess! I can’t wait to see the site up and running! I’m going to wait to submit my post until the website is up and running!

  9. Stephanie

    Way to go! I’m anxious hitting the refresh button to see the new site!

  10. Shenneth

    Your site and new collection looks great! I definitely plan to make a purchase in the near future.

  11. heather

    congratulations! the site looks great, and the jewelry looks even better! i am really lovin the division line. the small octagon necklace is calling my name! enjoy all the success and kudos that come your way. this is the part where the hard work pays off 🙂

  12. Flavia

    Wonderful job! Loving the new logo, site, jewelry…everything! Congrats.

  13. Kelley

    Congratulations!!!! The website looks terrific, and I love love love love love love love your logo. It’s perfect.

    I really like the Division chevron bangle.

  14. LauraSO

    It’s beautiful! Congratulations!! Now I’ve get to check out all of the beautiful new baubles…. My credit card might be in trouble. 🙂

  15. Audrey

    whatever reservations you had about the new site are totally crazy! the site is beautiful and i love love LOVE the new division line. great job on everything!

  16. Jessica

    Jess it looks amazing!!! I absolutely love the new line and the fresh look. I’ll be adding some items in my shopping cart soon. BRAVO!

  17. Ajay

    Well done! Keep up the great work. Love the overall look and feel.

    I think I’m becoming obsessed w/ chevrons now as well 😉

  18. Cathy

    Ooooh I love it! Congratulations! I was able to see the new Division line, but I wasn’t able to use the “Shop” link at the top.

    By the way, the new logo reminds me of Tory Burch. Very swanky!

  19. Lisa

    Congrats on launching your fresh new website and Division collection. LOVE it!!

  20. Congrats! I think you did a wonderful job with re-inventing yourself and your whole brand. I love your blog and I absolutely love this new Chevron pattern in your new line. I think it will take off like wildfire.


  21. Emma Jo

    congratulations! Very nice shop 😀 Are you aware that one of your necklaces looks like the “Iching” symbol? (also used as “Dharma initiative”-symbol in Lost)

  22. Jess, it’s just amazing. i’m going to have to buy one of those necklaces!! congrats on all your hard work– it looks incredible! those balloons in the photos are PERFECT. 🙂

  23. ami-lee

    It looks awesome Jess! Congratulations!!! I know what Im going to be asking the husband for my birthday this year 🙂

  24. Carla

    I big puffy heart heart the Division line! So clean and polished. Congrats & best of luck =)

  25. Jill

    also sign me up for the “off the chain” newsletter if I’m not already !?!? 🙂

  26. Jackie

    The new look is amazing! And I am in love with the new Division collection too. The chevron earrings are calling my name!

  27. Mara

    everything looks absolutely amazing! you are so talented 🙂

  28. Annie

    I spent yesterday checking out the new site… I love what you’ve created! Everything from the new lookbook to the jewelry designs looks fabulous! You should be proud~ Congratulations!

  29. Jadyn

    It looks amazing! Love what you’ve done with the site and new designs.It looks like you really kicked it up a notch in developing your unique style.
    You really should be proud of all you’ve accomplished!

  30. Erin

    Congratulations! I hope you take the time to enjoy this accomplishment!

  31. Rebecca

    Sorry I am chiming in so late Jess, but the site looks amazing!! I’m so happy for you! Your hard work has paid off. 😉

  32. Andrea

    I love your new site – congrats!! I love your new jewelry but I’ve always been partial to sterling silver 🙂 Will definitely be back to shop!

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